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Women who inspire 🫶🏼

“There was a time when women activists asked men to fight for their rights. But this time we are going to do it on our own,” said Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner at just 18 years old, in her speech to the UN General Assembly. Since she was 11 years old, Malala has been an activist for women's education, she denounced the ban imposed by insurgent groups in Pakistan on girls attending schools, as well as other abuses suffered by those young women who contravened the orders of she.

Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congresswoman of Latino origin from the New York Bronx, sentenced from the Capitol: "I believe that every American should have dignified and stable housing, health care, education: that the most basic needs to sustain life modern society must be guaranteed in a moral society. The youngest woman to be elected to the United States Congress appeals for courage to defend change and equal opportunities for all of society without distinction, universal health care and education, as well as a one hundred percent commitment to renewable energy for stop climate change.

Cinematic icon and living legend of the world of celluloid, Jane Fonda has not been one of those women who has remained immutable to everything that was happening around her. The 84-year-old actress is one of those who is involved to the last consequences. She is a political activist and feminist, she has led anti-war campaigns, supported the fight for civil rights, against racial discrimination and for the rights of Native Americans. “To be a revolutionary you have to be a human being. You have to worry about people who don't have power," said the veteran actress.


These three women are just one example of all those who today are leading the change in different countries, different areas of activity and labor sectors. Prime ministers, activists, intellectuals, artists, models, businesswomen... all of them women leaders who have decided to take charge of their lives in the present so that their actions have a positive implication in a future that affects us all without distinction. They are the picture of talent, confidence and hard work to break the mold.

We celebrate International Women's Day by compiling a list of those women who are currently visible and inspiring references, whose strength and perseverance have managed to shatter, on their own merits, the oppressive glass ceiling.

Joana Marcus - Writer (chosen by@clau_cgr)

The woman who inspired me is Joana Marcus because in her books she shows female characters who go through many situations but remain strong despite all the problems they go through, she is also an inspiration to many young people because she always says phrases not to give up. without fighting, she is a strong woman and I am very happy to follow her because now I am more confident and try to be stronger.

Tina Bassi - Attorney (chosen by @lis.mgg)

This is Tina Bassi, she was an extremely fierce Italian lawyer on women's rights and in the 1990s she was involved in Italian politics, becoming president of the National Commission for equality and equal opportunities for men and women.

She, for me, marked Italian civil and judicial history, leaving an indelible mark in the defense of women's rights and especially in the field of violence, becoming one of the first women to take these cases to court and win them. For me she is an example of perseverance, intellectual honesty and determination. She left them with a phrase that she always said: "A woman has the right to be what she wants, without the need for defenders."

Billie Eilish - Singer (chosen by @0_cloxox)

She is Billie Eilish, she is a singer and she is 21 years old, the reason why she inspires me is that she does not care what others think of her if that about her clothes, makeup, music, etc., is something in I've been trying to be in that mindset for a while now. Another thing that I admire about her is the success that she has had from her at such a young age.

Amy Lee - Singer (chosen by @katgirlsings)

This is a concert photo I took of Amy Lee. She's the favorite of my favorite band, Evanescence, a band I've admired since I was a teenager. This lady is one of my biggest artistic inspirations with her amazing voice, musical style and songwriting expressing what I can't always put into words. With what she writes, I think of her as a friend I may never meet.

Maria Khoreva - Dancer (chosen by @aidanlxfive)

Maria Khoreva - first soloist of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg and Evgenia Obraztsova - prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and the Mariinsky Ballet. Two beautiful women who incredibly inspire me with their strength, hard work, perseverance, and grace! They are a very important example for me, every time they encourage me to improve, to strive to reach new heights in ballet. I am very grateful to them for their work!

The woman who inspires me the most is not a famous woman or a well-known woman in the media. This woman took care of me as if she were her daughter, her name was Vera. She raised me, gave me values, without her today I would be nothing. That's why I want to thank her even though I know that from up there she already knows it. I will love her all my life, I will be eternally grateful to her and I will continue to infect her values and her goodness around me. (@sunstar.hero)

I admire all the girls in t3; mods and members. Because we are all going through our own battles but we are here with a smile.


And for you, what woman inspires you? She comments that we will be reading you!

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