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What Do Our T3 Members Have To Say About The Environment?

It's no secret that climate action is crucial in our world today, and more information is being released every month about what YOU can do to help. From reducing meat intake to planting more trees, sharing actions and information on daily tasks to help the environment has become normal in Aidan's Army! Read below to see what three of our Tier 3 members have to say about taking action and viewing our environment in a completely different light.

And if you have any questions about a topic written below, Google, research, and start the conversation!

In addition, scroll to the very bottom to see how YOU can plant your very own tree!

"What is an Environment?"

Written by Nastya🩰/17/🇷🇺/aidanlxfive

"An environment is a generalized concept that characterizes the natural conditions of a certain area and its ecological state. Let's start with a simple example. Probably any city dweller, having left for nature, will immediately notice how much easier it is to breathe among a wide spacious forest. And yet, at the same time, it is humans who are the main danger to the environment. But we are already accustomed to enjoying all the benefits of civilization, which means the continuous operation of industrial enterprises, deforestation, and a huge amount of non-decomposing garbage that we leave behind.

Factories, power plants, cars, etc. all emit a lot of harmful substances into the atmosphere - because of this, something like a gas blanket is formed and our planet gradually heats up. This is called the greenhouse effect. Scientists have been sounding the alarm about this for a long time. The melting glaciers will raise the water level in the ocean, which will lead to the extinction of many animal species and even the flooding of some cities. Solution? To control this process, we need bioecologists, specialists who constantly monitor the state of the environment.

Deforestation is another major threat to nature. In addition to the fact that forests are the green lungs of the planet, producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, their roots retain moisture. Because of this, having cut down a large mass of forest, a person not only deprives himself of fresh air, but also swamps a vast territory with water. Fortunately, the forest can regenerate! BUT for this to happen, it must be monitored by forest rangers. But do not forget - a lot depends on us! You can do something right now, for example, by starting to pick up litter separately, or at least by stopping to throw it in the bin. Think about these simple things. What can we do together to save our ecology?"

"The Importance of Climate Change"

Written by Camila/15/🇲🇽/camila._castorena

"Climate change is the global alteration of the Earth's climate that affects ecosystems. How can climate change affect us? Most people don't give importance to this issue, when in fact, we should all be concerned about it. It will not only affect future generations, but it's happening to us right now. Higher temperatures are being recorded every year, and more people are affected by natural disasters, extreme heat waves, floods, climate-related diseases and other health conditions.

We have little time to ensure that climate change does not cause irreversible damages. Currently, there is excessive waste generation, increased water usage and deforestation due to industrial livestock farming, as well as a raise in fossil fuels, pollution, among others.

The climate crisis has been going on for several decades, increasing exponentially every day. It is necessary to talk about this, raise awareness, share it and make more people aware of the issue. We can all contribute to reduce the effects of climate change; from the way we travel - to our schools or jobs - the electricity we consume and the food we eat.

How can we help? You can start with some of these actions.

- Save energy. Turn off the lights that are not being used.

- Use the car less (You can use a bicycle, walk, use public transportation).

- Try to reduce the consumption of animal foods.

- Reuse, recycle, and repair your waste, such as plastics, cardboard, and more.

- Buy eco-friendly products.

Together we can make a difference and contribute to a better world and a better future."

"Environment and Body Positive"

Written by Gab🌷/19/🇲🇽/SgGabs27

"Environment and body positive. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But if you think that these things are not related to each other, you are wrong.

On social networks you can find thousands and thousands of videos talking about wonderful, miraculous products that "fix" what you didn't know was wrong with you -those beautiful freckles that you have on your cheeks, or those beautiful bushy eyebrows over your eyes. The reason they do this is to make you think that you need products which are likely to be tested on animals, packed in tons of plastic, and use transportation that burns petroleum fuels to get to you and ruin your natural beauty.

And it is important that you know that all of this is not only about makeup products. We are also talking about clothes, shoes, skin and hair "care" products, and many other things that you don't really need. But they make you believe that you really need them by constantly creating a desire to want to fix what doesn't need to be fixed.

You have to know that all these companies look for the most economical way to make their products: Paint to dye clothes, which ends up in the rivers and lakes of the countries where they are made, fabric fibers that take years to degrade and will soon be replaced by others that "will make you look better." But they really don't, because your beauty doesn't depend on the clothes you wear or products that have to travel miles just to get to you.

All this contamination just to be able to sell massively around many countries using the cheapest means of transportation, the cheapest packaging that is always plastic and that can last up to 150 years to decompose. All obviously without worrying about the environment and the consequences that their products can cause in you.

You don't need all this to be unique and beautiful. Love yourself and love your planet. Consume things that are made locally and sustainably."

In addition to researching and continuing the climate action conversation, you can help plant a tree right NOW just by clicking on the link below!

Use code AIDAN-NY, make a quick 10 second pledge, and a tree will be planted! Over 107,000 trees have been planted already- ADD ONE MORE!

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