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We save the world

"You don't have to be perfect. Just every day make sure that you've done something...". -Aidan R Gallagher

Climate change affects everyone. Sea levels are rising, glaciers are shrinking, and agricultural land is degrading due to expanding deserts. We still have time to stop it, but we are running out of time, so let's ACT NOW.

Every action counts, no matter how big it is. So this is how we contribute to the race against climate change.


4 years ago I started a zero waste lifestyle 4 years ago I started using all my beauty and personal hygiene products solid or in containers that could be refilled I am very proud of myself because for 4 years I have not used anything that comes in a plastic container, I started using the simplest products such as solid shampoo, conditioner until I reached products such as solid toothpaste, compostable tooth floss, solid cream, solid sunscreen, etc.


To help the planet I am not only recycling and doing everything in my power but I also do something daily that anyone can do, any real aidan FAN knows about this, on the site with our email and code AIDAN-LONDON we can access a place that allows us to make FREE pledges safely for us, COMPLETELY FREE, fast VERY efficient, And if you do one of these pledges, it's super fast, many times it only takes me about 5 seconds to do them and you're doing much better help, with 5 seconds, incredible, right? And totally free, The important thing is that each one of us go to bed thinking that he has done everything possible to help the planet on that day, so you don't need to make it perfect, we need everyone to do it, doing something, even if it's not perfect!🤍.


I use water bottles instead of plastic bottles. I know how harmful plastic is so I decided to switch to reusable ones. And I can say it's even more comfortable to use! I don't need to buy water anymore - I just need to fill the bottle and take it with me! Also I don't use plastic bags! Only reusable ones! And btw my bag from the photo was made from refused materials! Even my parents use that bags! And they admit now it's more comfortable to go to shops - they don't need to spend money every time to buy a bag - they bought it once and they don't need to do it anymore! And I didn't take a photo but I don't use plastic tableware! And I persuaded my parents to not use it too!


My family has the habit of gathering all the plastic caps, we take them from the street, sea and in products that we use at home such as: coca cola, water bottle, cap of cleaning products...

There are ngos to get caps for recycling and for catting stray dogs and cats 💕

I try to make several pledges every day to help reach 1 million trees planted and to save the planet.

A few months ago i planted a small tree in a farm to help the environment and help support aidan's project to plant 1 million trees.

This year in october it will be 3 years since i started being a vegetarian, i started when i joined aidan's fandom and i saw what animal cruelty is, i researched more about the subject and decided to remove meat from my daily life.



It's been a long time now that I don't use plastic bottles anymore, instead I use more and prefer to use glass bottles more. since they are reusable and do not pollute like the others 🌎🌲💖✨🫶

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