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🎵🎵We are musicians🎵🎵

Heyooooo! It's still a musicians' section and you can still find friends with common interests here. After all, you know that music is life.🎵😉

Ada @adasanfer

Hi, my name is Ada and I am 15 years old and I live in Andorra. I love music and playing instruments. which are the piano, which I have been playing for 9 years, the ukulele for a year and the bass and the guitar. But i'm just learning. Ig: adasanfer

Cath @Sunstar.hero

Hi, here is a small photo in front of the drump of my school. For the magazine.💗

Rebecca- @rebe_olivarez

My name is Rebecca Olivarez

I love playing the piano because it entertains me a lot, it calms me down and I play my favorite songs that I like the most

Jane- @jiony_la_red

Hi! I'm a particular girl who likes all sorts of art.

I've been a ballet dancer and stage actress for a long time, and I really hope to be able to do that again in the future.

Now I'm following other passions such as singing (I'm part of a vocal group), playing the saxophone, painting and drawing, using editing software and going to the gym (a lot of gym)

Abi @abi_r_gomz


You are all amazing, and very talented. I admire you!!!!

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