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🎵🎵We are musicians🎵🎵

Hello again! We never cease to be amazed at how talented you all are. Many of us are united by music. This article is for those who are inspired by music. Perhaps someone will find new friends here in their city and be able to gather a musical group together.


Hey I am Val, I’m from Russia, I’m a singer and a guitar player. I’m singing since 4 years old, and playing a guitar since 14 years old.

I like singers like Billie Eilish, Drake, Lil Peep, Eminem, Fenneas and more. Also I really like rock so I listen a musician group like Nirvana, Rolling Stone, Blind Channel and other)

I really like music and I live with headphones, I’m listening a music all time and I love it)

(I sing in this costume like on a photo)

Katrina Aguilar, San Diego CA, vocalist

"Hi, I’m Katrina and I am a vocalist. I’ve been Classically trained and have been singing since I was 12. I’m a Boston Conservatory alum with a BM in vocal performance. Though I’ve started out as a classical singer, my main musical passions are cabaret and musical theater and I’ve written some of my own shows. So naturally as a singer, I am mainly a sucker for good vocal music of sorts, choral, small acapella groups and bands with strong vocalists etc. Than when it comes to what I listen to in my own time, my favorite bands are Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Birthday massacre, Rob Zombie and Within temptation. That much being said I think it’s safe to say my favorite music genre leans more in dark alternative."

Franny ♥

"Melanie Martinez and Mother Mother are my top 2 bands.

I listen to all genres of music

I love to sing and act. Singing is the key to the soul. I wouldn't be who I am without it. I sing every day when I wake up, in the shower, I sing my everyday speech to people, and I'll thank them in a sing-song way."

Hi! My name is Aixa and I'm for Merida Yucatan a little part in the south of Mexico. I've been in the music world since 12 years. Now I play guitar, ukulele a little bit of piano and a instrument call it Kalimba. Talk about my favorite genre of music is complicated because I'm a person who enjoy any kind of music. Normally I use to save a song if I like the sound and lyrics of that one and not for the genre. Finally I would like to say that music is one of the best things can exist!

I made a playist!

Hello there 🥰

I'm Veronica Esev from Russia 🇷🇺. Music is my everything, I've been obsessed with it for my whole life so....I play the guitar and piano. For singers I go for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, but genres will be pop and rock 🎸

In 2022 I've posted my first song "Next To You" that is available in every platform ☺️ You can listen to it if you want<3

I still write songs, it means that soon you'll get some more, but the main thing is that everything for my songs I do by myself, with no help(it's so difficult)🎶 😌

I'll be so happy if you like it

Have a great day 😀 love yall

Hello, my name is Ada, I am 15 years old and I live in Andorra. I love music, my favorite genres are pop and rock. I have been playing the piano for 9 years, the ukulele for a year, the guitar and the bass. Ig: adasanfer 💖💖💖

Hello hello guyss im faty from Perú im 14 years old, i play several instruments but my favorite is the guitar and sing, my favorite bands are artic monkeys, MCR,QUEEN and maneskin IG:Faty_valen

Nastya , Ukraine. I can play a bit of the guitar. I really like bands like MCR, Nirvana, The Neighborhood, Chase Atlantic and Slipknot. actually I am obsessed with music and I always listen to it, I love all genres of music because every song has something special. I really love music and everything connected with it.

My name is Sonia, I'm 17 years old and I'm from El Salvador

IG: e_aidansarmyyy

-I can play the acoustic guitar 🎸 and I love it, at the beginning it cost me a lot but now I can play some songs like for example "stand by me" "tu poeta" and "Can't help talling in love" I'm also learning a little bit For You (Aidan gallagher) 4of july (Aidan gallagher) tells me but I'm going little by little, today I'm already advancing.

My favorite artists are:

-Aidan gallagher

-Billie Eilish

-Charlie puth


-Conan Gray

-John Mayer

-My Chemical Romance

-Harry Styles

-Romeo santos

-Sebastian yatra

-Rosa Linn


-Bad Bunny

-Carol G



-Bruno Mars

My favorite musical genre:

-Pop music

-Classical music



-Hip Hop

-The Salsa

-Disco Music

-Metal Music

I really like all this kind of music because it makes me feel good, it relaxes me, it makes me feel a great energy also it makes me concentrate in my chores or homework at school and when I'm bored, whenever I listen to one of these songs it makes me want to dance or sing, even in my sad moments I love it very much and they make me very happy.

Music is like a remedy for any moment, because without music life would be very boring plus music makes the soul active and start to dance and sing ❤️🎶🎧🎸🎼

Hi! I'm Sony I'm 23 years old

And I love music because through it I can express the deepest part of my being and transmit it through art, I also think that music is a language without barriers that connect the world.

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