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The more you know!

It is a fact that the world is in constant change, so here thanks to T3 members we've the news section of this December!Hope you guys enjoy this special edition.


The day of the Virgin of Concepción consists of celebrating with lanterns, shooting fireworks, and celebrating with the family, there are also the posadas that you met in being with family and friends together with the neighbors

And make a small party that consists of a celebration from December 1 to 24, Children, youth and adults come together to "ask for a posada" and celebrate that someone opened the doors for them and provided them with accommodation with typical food such as tamales, coffee with bread, bread with chicken, corn porridge, etc., breaking the piñatas are some of the most representative elements of the inns. I love these dates because the celebrations are very charming and full of the Christmas spirit.

by @e_aidansarmyyy


At Christmas Portugal is filled with lights and decorations that make people's eyes shine. One of the most visited places this time of the year is the Lisboa Wonderland where people can go ice skating, go to various other amusements, go to the Ferris wheel, and enjoy the view. There is a place where you can see all the lights, decorations, amusements, and friends and families having fun.

This is what Christmas is all about, it is a time where everything stops around us and we can make this time only set for those we love, show them our love, but remember to do this every day...That's why if you come to Portugal I recommend you come to this place and visit it! You will not regret it.

by @aidansarmybrasil_


Sarchi, Costa Rica I want to take you to know my town through these posts, Sarchí is a small town surrounded by mountains, along the way you will find farms with coffee plants, this product is also processed here. We are distinguished by the different little workshops where they make crafts and souvenirs for visitors, every year in December a fair is held, its name is Fedeur, a tourism fair where many artisans exhibit their work, and coffee is also sold. The idea of ​​these fairs is to promote the products and activate the economy of our Canton, many people live from the sale of handicrafts, and many people from different parts of the world visit us. I hope you can visit our country soon and enjoy every detail of Costa Rica!

by @aidy.stark


On December 9 and 10 of this year, the "Bad Bunny" concert was held at the Azteca Stadium, in Mexico City, in which many people who had bought tickets for the artist stayed, left, as TicketMaster sold already duplicate tickets, causing hundreds of people to be turned away, including the event venue not being fully filled. Many of the consumers commented that the security people told them that they were fake tickets, to which they argued that they were not fake, but that they were duplicates. After all, it was said that they must make the reimbursement to the affected people.

There was a record of 600 cases of duplicate tickets on the date of December 9 and 110 cases on the date of December 10.

by @melanie.micheel


...That's all folks! hope you guys now get to know more of stuff; as a special gift thanking you for reading this blog, I'll share with you a really cool news acc that share interesting and veridic content of news from all around the world.

Wish you guys a Happy new year!


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