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On April was Earth's day, but literally everyday we all can contribute to take action and help the planet, so that, in this blog you can find actions T3 members do to help our planet.

This blog also contains the continuation article of Audrey about the Autism Awareness


Actions I take- less meat intake ( only eat fish) My state has put a “plan for plastics” program in, this is to either eliminate or reduce the amount of plastic being used. This program was split up into 2 stages. Stage one came into effect on 13 June 2021 and this included- plates, unlidded bowls, cutlery, drink stirrers, straws, unlidded cups, thick plastic bags, polystyrene takeaway containers, helium balloon releases, unloaded takeaways food containers. Stage two came into affect on 27 February 2023, this includes- polystyrene packaging, produce bags, coffee lids and cups, cotton buds with plastic stems and microbeads. There are some exemptions to this, for example plastic drinking straws in certain settings such as the disability, aged care and health sectors, will have access to these products.


This earth month my parents and I went to the parks to donate and plant trees! We also recycle eggshells to serve as compost, and a few months ago I started an account on different platforms, to give ideas, teach and tell news about the planet, veganism, so that information about climate change expands!


About 3 years ago I decided to change my lifestyle and became a Zero waste person. One of the things I normally do in my life to avoid the use of plastic is to use small mesh bags to place fruits and vegetables.


Taking care of the environment doesn't have to involve big changes in our lives, sometimes a small change in habits can do a lot! One such action is to reduce the amount of plastic bags used, for example when you go shopping in a store. Thanks to this, you not only care about the environment, but also don't have to spend extra money in the store. You can buy an ordinary fabric bag that you will have at hand for every moment when it will be useful to you, but you can also design or buy a personalized one for yourself! Thanks to this, you can combine bussines with pleasure. There are so many offers on the Internet that everyone will surely find something for themselves! (mine from the photos above was made for me by my talented friend ) The second thing that will make your life easier and help you take care of the planet is a filtering water pitcher. It seems pretty obvious, but many people still buy water from the store. Such a pitcher will also save your money (you won't have to buy bottled water anymore) and will eliminate the problem of carrying heavy packs of water from the store to your home! Small changes in life can have a big impact on the world around us if we act together.


Here are small daily actions accessible to all and that I do every day. We can all contribute to change, these small actions are simple, just take the right steps to protect our planet ! There are plenty of others, of course, I buy products with a certified eco-label in cosmetics, I repair or donate (clothing), I bring back my drugs not used in pharmacies, avoiding the manufacture of new ones, no advertising in the inbox letters. My biggest action was to stop eating meat it's been almost a year and I compensate with other protein intake (red and white beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc…) let's not forget the small gestures, are big changes: let's act for the planet together !


For being the month of the earth, I gave baby trees to my friends and acquaintances, with the commitment that they take care of it and help the environment🌱🌎... I also proposed to raise awareness through social networks about climate change and how we can help each one with small daily actions!

I also share Aidan and Envision Racing's project daily so that everyone can make their climate pledges for free.


1. Planting trees, trees are important, since it gives more atmosphere, birds can live there and take care of it and protect it, you can plant either in your backyard or in a forest.

2. Cleaning or picking up the garbage, it is important so that inside your house or on the streets, everything is clean, without the garbage getting in the way and being everywhere, it is good that you can recycle, reduce and reuse.

3. Reduce Recycle and Reuse. Here would be the key example to recycle plastic bottles so that they can plant trees and plants and that your patio in your garden is tidy.



My actions to help the environment

1° we always collect bottle caps to donate to an institution, whether for recycling or to help homeless animals.

2° Here we separate the organic waste from the normal waste the organic waste we bury in the ground to make fertilizer for our plantations.




April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. What Can Allistics Do to Support?

By:Audrey Baratto

One very important thing that allistics (non autistics) need to understand is that April can be the most dreaded month for us because of all of the ableism and misinformation. It can take a lot out of us to try to debunk that information, especially when others do not care to listen. A very simple and easy thing that allistics can do is listen to actually autistic voices, especially high support needs autistics. Our voices tend to get silenced a lot, whether it is by other people or platforms. Using your voices to boost ours is very helpful, however it is important not to speak for us or over us. Even those of us who are non speaking do have the ability to communicate. Even just sharing information that autistic people post (such as this article) will help us greatly.

When you see autistic content creators on your for you page, boost and share their content. 66% of autistic adults are unemployed and most of those people cannot find or keep a job due to ableism in the work industry. This is why a lot of us rely on creator programs, such as TikTok, as a source of income, even though a lot of autistic creators will get shadowbanned, kicked out of the creator programs, or get their entire profiles deleted from the platform for simply existing as autistic people. This happens due to either a mass report from ableist users or the algorithm thinks that what we are speaking about is inappropriate. Autism is not a bad word, yet it can be a trigger word for a video strike on many platforms. If you see an autistic creator saying that their content is suffering, you can email the platform to report a problem.

A lot of anti autism charities will use this month to month to pray on allistics, especially those with autistic children. One of the most popular ones that many people donate to is called “Autism Speaks.” This charity has been using fear mongering to run their campaign for years. They have spoken about a cure for autism, which is eugenics. There is no cure for autism, other than to get rid of that autistic person and replace them with a completely new one. They have featured phrases in their advertisements such as “I am autism and I will ruin your marriage” and “autism does not own my child.” They have also released a very harmful documentary that has a woman who says that she considered killing her autistic child. They also only have one autistic person on their board and they only give about 5% of their donations to families of autistic children. They have also popularized the “light it up blue” campaign as well as the puzzle piece logo. Both of these are harmful because of the sigma that autism is only a boy's disorder and that we have something that is missing from us. Do not donate to “Autism Speaks” at all if you would like to support autistic people.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, the best way you could do that is to donate directly to autistic people themselves. This might sound like a selfish thing to ask however, there are many autistics who are on the verge of homelessness right now and are unable to gain employment anywhere. Now with social media applications, such as TikTok, being taken away by the government, autistics are running out of options for work. Even with government aid, like SSI, it is still not enough to survive off of and not all autistics even qualify for that kind of help. Whether it is donating to us via money transferring services (Cash App, Venmo, etc) or supporting our businesses (Etsy stores or personal merchandise websites), any amount helps us out greatly. If you are looking for more general charities to donate to, another one you might see pop up that is made by autistic people for autistic people is ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network). While this charity is a step in the right direction and not a bad one, it still is frowned upon by some autistics because they plagiarized the work of Jules who is an indigenous autistic person. However, this charity has reportedly hired them and they are trying to move in a better direction. Some other charities that are highly praised by the autistic community are the Autistic Woman and Non-Binary Network, Neurodiversity in Business Network, Institute of Neurodiversity, and Autism in Black.

With all of this in mind, my hope for any of you allistic people to support us autistic folks in any way you can, not just during the month of April. We would love to see more support from all of you in whichever way is possible for you. Even just reaching out to one of your autistic friends or family members and asking them what you can do to support them. It can be very hard for a lot of autistics (myself included) to reach out for help when they need it. If any other autistic people happen to be reading this as well, keep hanging on. I know that the allistic world can make us feel less than, but we do come out on top in the end. Yes, we are disabled but that is okay. Who we as autistic people are is not a problem that needs to be fixed.


Massive thank you for reading! hope you all get to know more of how to help!

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