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T3's Version

Hello family! Welcome to this new blog named "T3's Version", the place were you can know what T3 means to aidansarmy having thanks to Patreon

Hope you all have fun and learn more about the magic that t3 make



About Aidan’sArmy I’ll tell you the story:

Once upon a time,in the world of glory, In ancient lemon times, People who were extremely nice Formed a lemon cult-its tier 3, Place where we were always meant to be. It’s kindness and joy we share, It’s fact we met a real Batman here And many other things we do That make us run straight to the moon… However,Raven did that once. She’s our princess,little star, Who does a world of good for us. So do and other lovely mods. VK who edits all the shots. Celice makes everyone’s day brighter And runs to edit Harry’s clips. Then Franny after bringing tasty chips, Will tell you every Potter’s story. If you have questions then don’t worry, There is kind and lovely fan of cows- Em,she knows the context…(rice), Appears,if you say “Lazer dog” And never chooses Pepsi over Coke. Elvira,Emma,Tegan,Ate and Isa… I love you all so much! Thanks for every minute spent together And those amazing movie nights. And Aidan,Seaboy,Megastar, Even though you are so far, You gathered family in this place, Were there for us in any case. We celebrated,played,had tons of fun, Let alone those jokes about bar… Your concerts…unforgettable zoom calls… Despite life’s odds that make us fall, YOU’RE the reason we find in each day joy. To sum up,I want to say that tier 3 Is something irreplaceable for me… And all these people that I love and cherish, And all the memories I’ll till last day carry… I’m so glad to have you in my life

with love Angie



T3 is literally the best place I’ve ever been in. Staying up all night till 3am from India with them has become a super normal and my most favourite thing ever. I know my parents said to never talk to strangers online but talking to them for the first time never felt like that because everyone there are so like me.Being there for more than a year now I never thought I would have so many people I can trust especially all around the world.Am so thankful for Aidan creating this safe place and so thankful for everyone in t3 because I don’t regret it at all!!

~ Anoushka



What do I think of this fandom? Tough question, there are so many things I love here. I followed Aidan’s Environmental work for about two years, I thought about joining Patreon but thought I was too old. I took the plunge and signed up on the 01 November 2021, I was happily surprised that this family was not only so welcoming but there are people of all ages. This family is a beautiful mix of all ages, hobbies, music, art, talents and abilities. Everybody supports each other in an emotional capacity, encouraging talents and reminding people that everyone can make a difference in this world and in each other’s lives simply by being loving and kind to each other. We all respect each other’s differences without any judgement and bring the best out in each other, I have made many friends and there is always someone to talk to due to the timezones, so if you ever need some support there is always someone there. On a personal level, this fandom has encouraged me to try new pursuits that I never had the guts to do, I am now vlogging and started to write poetry. Even at 41 years, I am learning new things about myself thanks to this beautiful family. I have started to learn the guitar and become a poet. I hope to be here for years to come.



When I joined T3 I didn’t know what to expect because this was a whole new experience I kept telling myself I would try if I got good grades, or when I make money, but at some point it felt like I was lying to myself in a sense that I wouldn’t be good enough to be apart of this awesome group, but at long last I finally did it, and this whole group is the mirror reflection of myself that I’ve been missing out on. Everyone here has there stories, has there take on the group as well, and opened my eyes to all of the new friends I’ve been really missing out on in life. It makes me regret it, but proud of being apart of it all now. This group feels like it gave me the gift of socializing, and making friends basically everything I ever missed out on. So from it all this group holds a close place to my heart of so many people having the same common interest as me. It makes me feel excited everyday, and passionate to follow my heart for the future of what I want to do with all of the support guiding my way. From it all I would love to thank on how it opened my eyes and heart of how people are just like me in searching for an amazing group of friends.



Entering t3 was one of the best things I did, I created New friendships and I gained a family, every Saturday became the best every live every moment every BR time I did with my friends will make me very happy, if you have the opportunity to join For a month, come in, don't waste time, I know you're going to love being with us. Thank you Aidan for giving me this opportunity to meet amazing friends here at t3.



I entered in t3 a year and a half ago and it was immediately love. I felt welcomed and at ease right away. I have created some incredible bonds and friendships and I will always be grateful for that. T3 is my refuge, my home and my happiness in the darkest days. I wouldn't know what to do without you, so happy that for every single moment spent together. I love you so much!



T3 means a lot to me, since I entered I felt loved by everyone, they are very kind and loving people along with all the mods and Aidan, I thank God for allowing me to be there because it is like my second family, it is like my home where I can be happy and feel much better and safe.

I love being part of 3T because I can talk to loving and kind people who know how to understand and have a great friendship and give good advice, I love you all!!! ❤️ Also, since I joined, I have fulfilled many of my dreams and goals, I met nine people, made calls, video calls, watched movies, talked, got to know new places in the world, etc. Being in 3T is the best! I love it a lot, it's my home and I never want to leave, each member is my beautiful family, even when I'm sad they make me feel better and happy AHHH!!! I'm so happy!!! Saturdays are my favorite days to watch the lives and chat with Aidan and the Mods and with all the members, ahhh! And not only Saturdays but every day is my favorite because I'm with my family, my beautiful family of 3T, I love you all!!!



I don’t know where to begin here. Little over two years ago I made the decision to join this tier and it was definitely something I didn’t realize how much I needed. This has connected me with many friends from all over the world, expanded my support group, some of which became lifelines during rough patches. It’s like something I said at the beginning, you may initially come for the opportunity to meet and communicate with Aidan, but you stay for the people you connect with.



I've been in T3 since December 2020 and it's just the best decision i could take, i met a lot of friends here from different parts in the world, i enjoy also when we do movie nights cause we can have fun and a relaxing time all of us, it's so awesome that also all here are sweetest persons that help you in any case<3



My best memory of this server is to have been able to create a French speaking community. Today it does not exist anymore because we gathered people from all over the world of Aidan's army. I will never thank Aidan enough for bringing us together.



My experience in T-3 has been very special, I have been in the group for almost a year and I have met wonderful people who have become special in a very short time, it is a group that makes you feel that the world is very small because it is full of girls from many countries, last year I was lucky to meet the Serve of Aidan'sArmyMexico, where they are girls from my country and whom I will soon meet in person.



My experience in t3 has been incredible; I have met incredible people beyond Aidan, with whom, having similar tastes, we get along really well. Definitely my life changed since February I joined. It is incredible how we can talk with people from anywhere in the world and learn about the differences and similarities of our countries through what we talk about or the photos we share.



I've been in T3 for a long time and it has been the best decision I could have made. I'm grateful to be able to meet great friends that I hope will last forever. Love y'all



My experience in T-3 has been very special, I have been in the group for almost a year and I have met wonderful people who have become special in a very short time, it is a group that makes you feel that the world is very small because it is full of girls from many countries, last year I was lucky to meet the Serve of Aidan'sArmyMexico, where they are girls from my country and whom I will soon meet in person



To be honest, it's hard for me to put into words what T3 means to me. I did't expect that I would meet so many new friends there who would become very important to me. Whether I'm sad or energized, need a laugh or just a casual small talk, there's always someone on T3 to keep me company! The best part is that these online friendships become real and when there is an opportunity to meet in real life, something amazing! What's more, it's very easy to find someone with similar interests to us. I also cannot miss Saturdays together filled with laughter and which I look forward to all week long. Joining T3 was the best thing that happened to me in 2022! We invite everyone to our wonderful family.



My journey at T-3 has started a long time ago, a journey that I will never regret having done, a story that I will be able to tell and live here many more years later. I have entered the private club of T-3 and I experienced something that I was not expecting before, everyone treated each other with respect and was sweet making you feel included as a real family, something that doesn't always happen in our day to day, I have made not only many friends but also a family that I will take around the world, I will get to know better and they will also have a space in my heart as long as it cannot be occupied by anyone else. Saturdays will stop being alone reading or doing normal things for the best day of the week, where I spend them with the family, the private concert, talk to the family members of the T-3 and listen to Aidan.- This was capable of changing any bad day to good! I have lived much more than I did in other years and I started to live and not just exist because this has opened doors for me to paths that I was not able to see before.



As you read aidan's army is really diverse, which makes things better! Patreon make us have a closer conection, and incredible moments. Massive thank you everyone for reading this!

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