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T3 DAILY ☀️| June

A day in the life of Lemons 🍋💗

We have all imagined what a day in the life of someone would be like? A famous singer, actress. But today we want to show a little of what our members live day by day, learn about their passions, their friends, hobbies.

I hope you enjoy these stories and feel identified to create new friends ✌️.


On this day, i went out with some of my best friends and did some karaoke before we went to dinner at pizza express and wandered around town. it was a really chill but fun day and i got to take a fair amount of polaroids to commemorate the occasion


My daily lemon

I wake up early to go to university, I study environmental engineering, now I am taking the subject of "Sustainable Agriculture" and as a requirement we have to take care of greenhouses with real crops and keep them safe, after taking my classes, I like to go with a friend who is giving me some lessons to prepare delicious drinks, especially with Coffee and Tea


- Gaby

What I liked the most in my week is being with the people I love the most ❤️

- Gio


I love every day. Cuz I can enjoy hanging out with my students (see how they have fun and listen to each of their occurrences), cuz I can forget the bad times. On the way home I can see a great view and see people enjoy. In my free moments I can enjoy some time with my best partner, my cousin who accompanies me to watch my favorite series at all times (he is the most fan of Aidan).

- Karen

My day started at school where i eat my usual sandwich which i'm in love with! Later that day we could leave one hour before we usually leave because we had theatre that day. So me and one of my friends decided to go to a café because we couldn't go home and back to the city at that hour. At the café i ordered tea and he ordered black coffee with no sugar. I tasted it. ( I found my favourite coffee! ) Long story short after that we had to go to the theatre where we watched “ A helység kalapácsa ”. I loved it.

- Barbara

A Very Realistic Day in the Life of an Autistic Film Student

By: Audrey Baratto

I started my day by feeding my cat at around 7:00 AM. That day I was going to be in one of my friend’s films for his production class. They needed a female actress for the part and since I’m the only girl who’s consistent in the film club that is willing to be on camera, the role just kind of automatically came to me. After I get out of bed in a panic, I do my skincare routine, put on my stage makeup, do my hair, and throw on my costume.

Once I got to the set around 10:45 AM, I realized that I’m not late because the crew doesn’t have the key to the theater we need. After about 20 minutes of waiting, we finally got in and started setting up.

I got home around 4:45 PM and then I remembered that the only thing I had to eat today was half a bag of Cheetos I got from a vending machine on set. Because of how full and tired I was, my body wanted to go to sleep at 7:30 PM. I then realized that I had an assignment that was due at 11:59 PM that night, so I started on it at around 10:45 PM.

My friend picks me and a couple of our other friends up and we drive a half hour out at around 11:30 PM. I really like to hang out with my friends outside of the set and really get to know them. I even got the courage to ask them if they wanted to come to my birthday party and they said yes. Social situations can be rough on me due to my autism, but that night I felt like I was doing very well with my social skills.

Here’s one of the pictures we ended up getting that night:

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