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A day in the life of Lemons 🍋💗

We have all imagined what a day in the life of someone would be like? A famous singer, actress. But today we want to show a little of what our members live day by day, learn about their passions, their friends, hobbies.

I hope you enjoy these stories and feel identified to create new friends ✌️.

My day was at first so stressful but I really enjoyed my afternoon; I went out with my friends and then I started a new serie.

We didn’t like the restaurant but I really loved that day ‘cause I had a good time with my friends; we laughed a lot.

- Abi

One of the most memorable days of my life will always be the one when we had trip to Vienna with my friends.These are the most amazing people I know besides T3,that made that day unforgettable simply because I had so much fun and pleasure to discover new things with them all .Also Izzy.My first t3 meet up with her (that happened on the same day) was something that I will remember forever. Can you imagine already having the funniest day ever and then meeting in person somebody whose love and care as a friend is incredibly sincere?Well that’s how I remember that day. And words can’t describe how happy I am with the fact that that day I agreed to travel with them❤️

- Angie

On April 23 Mol, a member of T3, and I met up in downtown Vancouver to walk around. Mol who is from Vietnam is in Vancouver for school to learn classical animation. She needed to pick up some stuff at school and I was excited to come along. The school that she attends is the Vancouver Film School, while there she gave me a tour of the facilities. I was giddy to say the lease, and I had to take some pictures while there.

She first showed wall of photos of movies that the Alumni have worked on. As we proceeded down the corridor looking at the photos, we eventually arrived to her classroom to pick up her materials. I was able to see her work space. She took me downstairs where the film and television division of the school is they have several studios/workshops. On our way out of I couldn’t resist but pick up a brochure, a girl can dream to be a cinematographer.

- Anna

These are three photos of how my day looks like-

So my day start with work, i work in a coffee shop ☕️ and when i’m finally home i usually spend my time playing some videogames and drawing.

- Lisa

This day began with an extremely positive surprise that a package came to me - more specifically The Umbrella Academy comics! It was a very nice start to the day after which, as usual, I went to classes at the university. Although sometimes you don't have the strength to sit in the classroom and concentrate on what the lecturer is saying, it's always nice to get out of the house and meet friends. After a long day, I usually go home to rest or study for the next day, but this time my friend and I decided to go to a cafe and drink some delicious matcha! It's nice to get away from the daily routine sometimes and do something for yourself! I usually spend my evenings doing something I enjoy: reading a book, editing, watching a movie and when I still have some energy, sometimes I go to the gym ❤️

- Karolina

what i did on my day, i cut my hair to donate it i waited two years to be able to cut it.

Whenever I can I'm donating my hair to help children and adults, cut the hair baby liberator and make me happy you know I'm helping someone💗💕

- Julia

I hope you enjoyed these dailys, see you in the next edition.

And what do you do in your day to day?

What is your favorite daily activity?

  • Enjoy TUA

  • Listen to music

  • Take care of the planet

  • Drink water

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

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