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September's Featured T3 Patreon Members!

Meet Some Of The Lovely People In Our T3 Community From All Around The World!

(P.S... Scroll To The Bottom For A Surprise ;))

"What I love about this fandom is how loving and accepting it is. Aidan’s Army has shown me the true definition of friends and family. It taught me that no matter how far away someone is, they can still feel like family. I honestly don’t know what I would be doing without Aidan’s Army. It truly changed my life. I will forever be grateful that Aidan (and the amazing Mods of course 💕) started such an amazing community and family!"


"What I love about t3 is that it’s super friendly and extremely easy to make friends all around the world! T3 has open doors for me to make friends and learn new things about the world"


Some of our Lemons even got to meet up with one another!

"Jasmine came to surprise me in work today! We hugged about 10 times it was like we've known each other for years, this is the feeling of meeting your family a fellow lemon, a T3 member. If you can meet anyone from this community I highly suggest you do it! Because every emotion is worth it and the love is genuine and real!"


"What I most like about t3 is how everyone is so friendly. I have only been in t3 for near 2 months now, and everyone on there is always so kind and often just messages to wish everyone else a good day. It is a very sociable and affectionate group, and every time someone new joins they are welcomed by multiple members, many of whom introduce themselves and offer to help them. It makes the discord chat feel comforting and like a family as you know right from when you first join, that there will be people who will support and encourage you. It helps people who may not be very talkative and rather introverted, like me, feel excited to be able to share something I'm happy about as I know there will be people who will listen and share my joy. It's seen often in t3, from members starting a new school, college or university - or members starting a new job, or moving. Everyone is there for each other, making t3 an utterly incredible family - even with language barriers, with members being from all over the world.


IG: @soficastlema

Hobbies: dance, Edit and Watch movies

"I like that very beautiful friendships arise in T3, that it is a very united, respectful and incomparable community, the beautiful moments that there are with Aidan, the mods and all the Aidan's army, it is incredible <3"


"My favorite thing about t3 is the chance to make new friends who live all across the globe!! I also love that everyone in this community is very welcoming and friendly, it really makes you feel at home"


"Well, what is important for me, it's amazing how many people I met on T3. I made some friends who always are ready to help me, when I need it. During bad days they can make me laugh or listen to me. Thanks to different timezones chat is never dead! Another great thing: Saturday evenings (well, evenings for me hehe). I'm waiting all week for the after party and livestream, it makes me really happy. Joining to the T3 is the best thing I did this year and I hope, that I'll stay here as long as I can. Besides, I'm really glad that I can support and sometimes chat with a person, who put smile on my face so often


"I love this fandom so much because the moment I joined it, I felt so welcome like never before. I love talking to others who understand what I love and what makes me happy. who also feel like family already even though I been here for a few months. Making the best of friends all over the world. and getting to know each other as well."


"Being part of this family means a lot to me because it changed my life just at the right time and I will always be grateful for it. Joining this fandom was the best decision I ever made! The love I feel for this family is infinite! "


"For me this fandom has become a family, my family, it's like I was at home, I send myself there and that's why I can't leave this place since I arrived. I like to exchange my varied opinions / stories with others, our sharing, whether on our anecdotes, our photos, our passions and the one we all have in common: Aidan. I am also there to support him in his projects (his album for example) and I tell myself that I also help for the environment because I know that there is a part that goes into it. If I can participate a little for our planet, it's a pleasure for me"


"T3 for me is a place where you can come to have fun at any time of the day or night. Here I can unload my brain after studying. People here have become my family. I love everyone so much. (even met with a few this summer!)"


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