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the magic begins when the lemons hit click 📸

Our favorite time of the year has arrived!

It's time to enjoy the warm and beautiful light, with those golden sunsets and upholstered gardens that some call "autumn snow"🍂.

Enjoy autumn around the world, through these beautiful photos of the T3 members.

We start with "the horror festival in Real del Monte", where according to the legend, there are still creatures like faries and goblins; this place is considered a "magic town" because it's preserved architecturally as it was before. The festival has different locations like the forest, the teather and the english pantheon. This festival starts on October 1st and ends before the "Day of the deaths" at November 2nd

Everything of this takes place before the day of the deaths because, to attract tourist to the town cuz of their historic connection with the UK in the past (1800&1900).

- Elvira

In this gallery you will also see how Halloween has reached the house of our lemons.

Photos by: Allisa | Elena | Francesca | Lorena | Katrina

Falling for Ya 🍂🎵

Nothing like enjoying autumn with friends.

Photos by: Anastasia | Nastya

Photos by: Linda | Em | Alba | Orkide | Karolina | Celice | Nastya | Anya | Esev | Jaeden | Marie | Jessica | Sherida | Lisa | Ophely | Anastasia | Asteri


The best thing about combining Halloween and fall is that neighborhoods become settings worthy of horror movies. Enjoy these photos from two sides of the world: Chile and Birmingham in the UK.

Photos by: Mary | Tess

"Ukraine is an amazing European country, bright and unique, with its picturesque landscapes and unique culture...

Now in all cities, towns and villages, including Mukachevo town where I live, volunteering and various types of assistance are being actively carried out military; volunteers can be seen everywhere-in the streets,at schools,shops,etc. My classmates and I help at school with weaving camouflage nets, collecting funds and helping refugees with finding a shelter...

We sincerely hope that this horror will end soon and Ukraine will once again start shining with even brighter colors" 💙💛

- Angelina

I hope you all enjoyed this journey through the amazing photos of our talented T3 members. Don't miss the next edition 📸🍋


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