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October Fan art!

Here is some amazing fan art and poems sent in from our incredibly talented fandom this month!

Thanks for this amazing work guys!

For this month I asked the artists to explain why they love art!

Make sure to show your support for each other on social media!

An amazingly shaded piece of art by Nerea!

Instagram: she.nerea

Why Nerea loves art: Art has no rules. Make someone fall in love and you'll have a masterpiece; make someone feel horrible and you'll see a masterpiece. Art is full of feelings, history, personal qualities, love... Art is a language and you will be able to transmit your emotions and feelings without shame. Art is a universal language with lot of power.

A beautifully powerful poem about climate change and the importance to change the world by the talented Tess!

Instagram: Momma_is_coming

Wow! So realistic! amazing artwork by Katharine!

Instagram: Ma.vvka

Why Katharine loves art: so, art is something special for me, because your arts is a piece of a big art history. and i just adore any art:)

AWWW! Please this is absolutely ADORABLE work from Allisa!

Instagram: Aidy.Stark

Why Allisa loves art: I think that drawing is a wonderful art, I enjoy it very much, I create the ideas in my mind and I transmit it to a sketch that I later digitized, my inspiration most of the time is Aidan and The umbrella academy.

I absolutely LOVE these art pieces by Léa! I always like seeing little comics made by the fans! amazing work!

Instagram: yourlocalcapricorn_

Why Léa loves art: Okay so : I draw since always (lol) Art is my favorite activity ! After school this is what I do to rest or stop my stress. I draw what I like and what inspires me :))

A very beautiful Poem by Ginger!

Thank you for your lovely words! Poetry is a wonderful way to learn a lot about a person and this tells me you are a golden soul :)

Instagram: isvannerie

I adore the nature feel of this Mai!

Instagram: maite_bautista24

Why Mai loves art: I was inspired by Aidan and what makes us remember him

In addition also in the plants remembering the environment

Thank you for this beautifully shaded artwork Elise!

Instagram: chereauelise

Why Elise loves art: I like art because it allows me to take a break in the day and relax so I can draw things that I like, I like the details that can be added to it and it allows to develop his imagination

Absolutely INCREDIBLE artwork by patty! I love the shading in this! amazing!

Instagram: pattyyy_cc

Why Patty loves art: I love drawing bc it is something that I have loved since I was little and it makes me think that everything around me is fine, it is also very relaxing for me!!

This is so creative! I would love to see Uno Raybans edition! BRILLIANT! Thank you Micheel!

Instagram: Melani.micheel

Why Micheel loves art: I love art because it is a way of expressing emotions and above all of love about the person (Aidan). I like it because it keeps me entertained and it's fun to draw.

This is adorable! Love the cartoonish vibes. thank you Lisa!

Instagram: lis.mgg

Why Lisa loves art: I think art is a great way to express yourself and in some way show who you are. I love how a simple drawing can make you feel various emotions and sensations, and above all I love how it brings people together<3

A VERY cool halloween Aidan edit by Anna! This is so sick! I absolutely ADORE THE SPOOKY VIBES HERE!!

Instagram: anna.chrapchynski

Why Anna loves art:

I love the feeling of a camera in my hands. The look, the weight, and the sound it makes when you pressing the release button. There’s something satisfying about that for me, especially older cameras.

With photography while observing the surroundings, I’ve become an observer of the human condition and start noticing things that others may not. Realizing you’re capturing a moment in time that you can’t capture again. There’s something very existential about that, that I can’t put into words.

Whether it be digital photography or dabbling in photo edits there is no right or wrong way about it for the most part anyways. Yes there’s plenty of trial and error to see what works, but that’s part of the creative process. I love creating something from scratch, or using pre-existing photo and creating something completely different.

It helps me in multiple levels of my life. With photography specifically, it enables me to go out and take pictures, get some fresh air, go for hikes. As well some quite time for myself, sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. Also it satisfies my creative juices and helps me momentarily taking me away from any stress or anxiety of the past week from work or anything else.

This art piece by Lorena makes me even more excited for The Umbrella Academy season 4!! I love the details on the mask!

Instagram: lorenaaabb_

Why Lorena loves art: art for me is a special thing that I really like to do. I like art because with it I can express everything I want and express how I perceive people <33

This is a very interesting and unique piece from Jane! Love it!

Instagram: jiony_la_red

Why Jane loves art: I have been doing dance for almost 9 years, I have been doing theater for 6 years, now I am doing architecture and design at the university. I also paint. I deeply love all art!

A really sweet edit send in by Jessica of friends she has made here in this amazing fandom! I love how close people become here!

Instagram: Jessica_jess_

Adorable fan art of sparrow academy JAYME. Thank you for sending this in Fran!

Instagram: frananto08

Why Fran loves art: Because it helps me to relax, for example drawing is one of my hobbies and I enjoy doing it a lot, the time I went to an art museum it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I don't know, since I can remember I really like art, so I couldn't specify a single quality of this

I just love it

This is so damn cool! I absolutely adore this it is so well done! Thank you so much for sending this in Joanne!

Instagram: gif_squad

Why Joanne loves art: I love art because it looks great and I like using it to relax, it really helps take my mind off things that get me down. It also gives me a break from my phone which unfortunately with social media I see alot of negatively. Art is an escape for me.

And it's fun

A very spookily brilliant art piece!! I absolutely adore the detail in this Marie!

Instagram: marieadhm

Why Marie loves art: Art has always been part of my life. I've been drawing since childhood. Drawing makes me feel happy, whenever I have free time I draw. It's the best thing for me to relax and make a boring day more colorful:)

I don't have a special style of art, it's always different and that's what makes it unique.

A beautifully special submission by Gio!

Instagram: aidansarmybrasil_

Message from Gio: Hi Raven! If I still go on time I would like to leave here this drawing, for the magazine, that has been made by Léa of T-3, it is specially made for a mini movie that is being made by me with the participation of various people from t-3, a mini halloween movie

And to finish us off we have this AMAZING halloween poster by Cath! This is so cool! wanna see this in a cinema YESTERDAY! haha! Brilliant work Cath thank you so much for sending this masterpiece in! :)

Instagram: Sunstar.hero

There we have it! The amazing Art of October from our incredibly talented T3 members!

Thank you SO much for everyone who sent in their work!

We hope you all have a wonderful spooktacular halloween!


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