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May. FanArt

Happy first days of summer, 🍋 family!

Enjoy artworks of the T3 members and enjoy a wonderful June!

— "Lately I've been doing so many fanart but I want to show specially these two. First, a painting that took about a week. The neck was the most difficult part to recreate. It's my second painting, it was difficult but I made it! Secondly, there's a traditional B&W drawing. This one took me 7h. I really enjoyed this one as I'm more confident with black and white. You can see little details like the vains in his eyes. Having Aidan as an inspiration and an idol helps A LOT to do my fanart."


— "I was inspired to design an Umbrella Academy themed reusable cup for the summer time. Each umbrella was drawn on with black and red sharpie to create a geek chic design. I love finding ways to represent my favorite fandom in a subtle and stylish way. IG: @littlelionheart.cosplay "


— "A short time ago I celebrated my anniversary there with t-3, so why not plan one more project to show the diversity of countries and that everyone is welcome there? I would love to know more people, join us! ❤️"


— "I made this drawing and painted this little painting, because my taste for drawing and painting increased. The painting took me a couple of hours to do and the drawing was very easy to do. I hope you all like it. ❤️"


— "I found inspiration doing a crossword puzzle about the environment, and i also decided to use a different design technique than my usual. I decided to create a contrasting part of dark colors as a meaning of the man who with his innovations is slowly destroying the ecosystem. Furthermore, I have always thought that a person's eyes can express feelings, so I put some colored flowers to signify love for nature, and all the willpower to counter these phenomena of "destruction"."


— "Well i made this one bc i realized all of my drawings of Aidan are only about him so i tried to get some focus on his family too and the importance they have to Aidan cuz theyr always supportive to him and that's amazing. ❤️ IG: @lethiciagallery"


— "Here’s my fanart for the magazine! what inspired this is just for me to get better at shading :))"


— "Hello, my name is Olympe, I am French, I am 22 years old. is a drawing I made on my ipad pro tablet. With my favorite drawing software Procreate. My favorite ice cream in this hot weather (Granita). Instagram: @olympe_aidansarmy"


— “On Saturdays that Aidan does his livestreams for all the fans so that we can entertain ourselves in how he tells us things about his life that he has done, that he plays his guitar when someone asks him to play a song, too. It inspires me to draw in an anime way, I almost caturize. In watching programs like 2D or 3D cartoons. The materials I use are special pencils for HB drawings and wood colors. My Instagram: @rebe_olivarez


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