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March. FanArt

Winter time is over and the inspiring time has come - welcome, spring! Enjoy the new artworks of T3 members and happy new sping month coming!

— „Hi. My name is El. I am 19 years old and I live in New York City. I joined T3 on March 7th and live number 115 was my very first one, so I decided to dedicate some art to it since it really made my day. I’m a fan of TUA and I was a huge fan of NRDD since I could remember. I’m also very digital art through these two pieces for the first time. Choose to try new things!! My art insta is @xinsnook. Thank you guys for being so lovely. El

— „Here's my fan art for this edition! Ig: she.nerea


— „That fan Art is when the entire Hargreeves family come together to pose a photo where they are together as a united family. Rebecca

— „An Andy Warhol inspired digital art work that I made of Aidan but it also needed a little more chaos in the mix. I like to have a little abstractness into some the digital artwork. I put music notes overlay to represent his musical side. I always make different variations, and as usual, I’m absolutely indecisive and what I post. IG: Anna.Chrapchynski Anna

— „Hello, my name is Olympe, I am French, I am 22 years old. I loved doing this fan art because for me Aidan represents the future of this world (I have a lot of imagination to create fan art I use Picsart applications, then procreate ) when I create fan art I listen to music it helps to inspire me. Olympe

— „I like art since i remember and became a digital artist when i was 14 when i created this account to post drawings (but today i also post daily pictures and Jobs as model). Instagram too: its @lethiciagallery Lethi

— „For this drawing I took inspiration from an edit seen on tiktok and I mainly used watercolor colors. My ig is @lis.mgg Lisa

— „I started drawing 1 year ago and I always draw depending on my mood, which is strange.

The moment I saw this photo I wanted to draw this beautiful family, I always wonder what the story is behind each photo. Drawing account: @aidansarmydraw.all Madeleine

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