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Let's talk about: Mental Health!

“The health of the body and mind is essential for our quality of life.”

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects the way we think, feel and act when we face life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make decisions. Mental health is important at all stages of life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood and old age.

In T3, there is a diversity of people of different ages and we are constantly concerned about the well-being of each one of the members, appealing for respect, kindness and raising awareness of the care of our physical and mental health. This is why our wonderful members have wanted to share recommendations for pages and apps that talk about mental health.

I recommend this App, which is used to meditate, it is called: Pura Mente, it’s in Spanish for the moment, but I really like that it, talks about topics to improve your self-esteem, communication, relationships, sleep better, start the day, and it ask you how do you feel

Camila Castorena - ig: @camila._castorena


I would like to share the person who helped me with my mental health :)

Sadie Aldis is a 20 year old girl from Canada with a really good energy. She has videos where she talks like your personal therapist for example. She makes organizing, manifesting, aesthetic vlog videos. Her videos give me motivation and happiness. I absolutely LOVE her.

Vizsnyovszky Barbara - ig: @Vizsnyovszky.barbara


This app called "I am" it can help you make your self - esteem better. If you think that you're not enough beautiful or smart or interesting person - this app for you. There're a lot of affirmations for you! For example: " I am beautiful" or " Today I’m stronger than yesterday" etc. I like this app cause it helped me become more confident in myself. And always remember that you're enough! You're more beautiful, smart and interesting person than you think!

Veronica - ig: @veronica.aidans


This tiktok account makes me feel better all the time

Gab - ig: @SgGabs27


"Psico sin filtro" It is a home podcast made by psychology students and in its first season they talk specifically about eating disorders. The episodes cover everything from the definition and risk factors to their recommendations and some specialized guests on the subject.

Mairbi - ig: @mairbisnothere and Dani - ig: @daniixts


Well since I joined psicology college I started get interrested on mental health apps and books and I found this one that's the cutest mental health ever:

Name is Finch and it's a bird that teatch you to take care of yourself (mental & phisical health, well being in general) and you teatch It to be, so It grows up according to your creation and the way you raise It, you can choose gender (male, female and non binary) and a name to your bird

It stay in your lockscreen so youu can see the bird's status (mine is named Navi)

Lethicia - ig: @lethiciagallery


As Aidan's army, we share these options to support you in your mental health! Still remember that the first step is to seek professional help and always have your support network! Remember that you will never be alone and that everything will be fine

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