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Lemon's Room Tour📸

Olympe @olympe_aidansarmy

"I take the liberty of sending you the photos of my room tour. The 2nd photo is my desk corner. This is where I work a lot on my video edits or even to make my drawings."

"So on the shelf are the t-shirts that I personally designed or purchased, and then the towel. Aidan that I created then the POPS Umbrelle Academy and other memorabilia or items from the Lemon family."

Chloe @0_cloxox

"heyyyy - chloe, united kingdom - this is for the magazine - room tour! this is just my fav section of my room, so the glasses are from my 15th birthday party and it’s just a cute memory, the funko pops are: allison s2, five s2 and the scarlet witch from wanda vision :))

the phone is of me, tom and emmy when i met them at comic con and the perfume are my favourite out off all the ones i have, they are:

eilish - billie eilish

god is a woman - ariana grande

and cloud 2.0 - ariana grande "

Sonia @e_aidansarmyyy

My name is Sonia and I am from el Salvador/Berlín Usulután

This is my story from my room:

Since I was born at first I slept with my mom and dad, then when I was growing up my parents let me sleep with my sisters in this same room, before we slept the three of us, then just the two of us and finally they left it for me alone, and I liked it a lot because I could decorate it to my taste, some things are very old and others are new, my parents told me that in this room they slept too. This room has been here for a long time

I know it's small but for me it's very big and cozy, I love my room and I wouldn't change it for anything ❤️ all the decorations I made myself and others I bought and I decorated them with a little creativity and I liked how it turned out ❤️

Sof @aidxcoffee

"A small tour of my room that I call it Aidan army style ♡ I really love my room it's my happy place"

Ash @ashleigh_berryman

Marissa @marissabellone

"My name is Marissa, I’m from USA, New York. I’ve actually only lived in this room for ten years now, my brother ended up getting the bigger room than I did, but all of the decorations have changed over the years since then. All of these changes for the room came in 2019 to 2020 because I needed a break from Marvel, and wanted to show a completely different side to myself. So now it’s all about writing posters to being a hopefully famous author one day with my science fiction stories to series I’m working on to one day finish the revision of my first self published novel to the amazing expanding world of the Umbrella Academy, and I enjoy how my interests led myself to take this step forward in its own way. "

Layla @layla_weston

"My room is my favourite place , its filled with things i love and i can truly relax here. I’ve found lots of lemon decorations that remind me of my family , I also love my skylight which gives me blue neon skies anytime i like ."

Anoushka @tpsbya

"Hii am anoushka and am from India but i currently am living in UK for university am 18 and I love photography and making edits . Here’s my favourite part of my room,my bed and board.I love it because I get to decorate my room with some of my favourite things and things that give me joy like Tua,marvel and artists posters,some photographs and my marvel blanket hehe <33."

Lisa @lis.mgg

"ehi ehi, hope to be still in time! so this is my little bedroom

this is my bed, the sheets were a gift from my mom for christmas and i love them

the panda keeps me company😂 and was given to me by friends for my birthday.

this is my wall zone, i have some posters and photo in the shelf there’s some gadgets and stuff from concerts.

this is the corner above the dresser, and I keep other gadgets, gifts and funko pops

Allisa @Aidy.stark

"I have several little things from TUA that are very special to me, a little doll of five made in crochet that a friend made for me, and the script for the first season, I still have a long way to go to complete the collection but we are going little by little. One of my favorite hobbies is going to stores where they sell Marvel and TUA collectible funkos."


You have wonderful rooms, especially things related to fandom!😍


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