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Lemon meetups! 🍋 august

T3is a great place to make friends, the people below met up with those friends!


Celice (me) and Franny !

to start off, maybe a little selfish, i'm gonna be putting my own meetups first cause thats just easiest lol🫣 fyi "i" am the creator of this particular magazine section haha

Francesca came and spent a week with me here in Norway! She's from New York so meeting her wasn't something i expected to happen so soon! but i'm incredibly happy about it - we had the best week ever together💌✨ during the time she was here we watched all of heartstopper, season 1 and 2, we had pink ice cream, exchanged gifts, had multiple trips to sweden and also met aidan while in sweden! spent 2 nights at hotels and one at a hostel, we went swimming, and to a comic shop, and also did a star wars themed escape room while not even realising i was wearing a star wars t-shirt the whole time haha! it was a great great time and i hope you come back soon fran!!! oh and of course if you're interested i posted a youtube video about our week together!!


Celice (me) and Vero !

FIRSTLY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY V 💌 (it's her birthday the day this blog comes out hehe) Our one and only most WONDERFUL vk came to visit me for a weekend!!🥹 she's been on a really exciting europe trip as you'll notice from the next few meetups as well !😁 she arrived here on a saturday, so we were able to go on the weekly live together! that was so much fun, i've always dreamed of being able to go live from the same room as someone haha. after picking her up at the airport we went and had some delicious food! i had a poke bowl and she had a chicken burger - so so yum✨ we then went back home where she got to meet igor, my cat 🐈‍⬛ , and did the live together. the next day we started the day off by having a little art session ! she was drawing ✍️ while i crocheted 🧶 after a good hour of art time we started making a delicious mexican dessert called jericallas ! it was so delightful ! after having eaten those we went and had a boat trip, and bought cinnamon buns. Vk tried norwegian fanta for the second time while we were there and she said she loved it haha. after the boat trip we went home again and went live on our instagram account @thelifeofmods ! i tried some mexican candy that she had brought and omg SO YUMMYYY! after a couple lovely days together it was unfortunately time for her to move on to london the following monday, but that's ok cause she went on to meet raven and tegan 😎 LOVE YOU V! (unfortunately no vlog here cause i was a bit exhausted from school 😭)


Linda, Liana and Vero !

Although, this was not an ordinary meet up. We planned our Paris trip months in advance, together with Vk (@vkvisualart), Liana (@asteri_liana) and I (@fanta.and.linda)!

Liana and I met on the 15th of August at the airport, we went to our hotel and checked into our hotel room, and the next day we met Vk at her hotel in the morning! From that day on, we explored Paris together for three entire days, and I can assure all the lemons and Aidan’s Army out there that they are exactly what you would expect from them - kind, genuine, hilarious, sweet, caring, supportive and accepting (I could go on and on and on, but with my English degree, I don’t think I would be able to stop finding nothing but positive words for them, so I will spare you all the agony of sitting through an English vocabulary class)!

So, the three days, we went to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, The Avenue des Champs-Élysées the Louvre, had a picnic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, went on a cruise, visited Giverny and the Monet House, went the apartment and the office of Emily in Paris, climbed the Montmartre and so much more that my brain can’t remember right this second (yes, I procrastinated this…). But instead of giving you all a history tour, here are 10 of the most memorable overall trip moments! (These are NOT my top 10)

1. At the Sacré-cœur, we paid for a telescope to look at the view and Vk all of a sudden started laughing so hard to the point she cried, and on the way down in the car, it was so so hot, and we almost died but kept laughing despite melting inside!

2. In the little bus in Giverny, driving to the Monet garden, where we saw so many beautiful views!

3. Our Seine cruise on the first day! We had complimentary champagne for each ticket, and the view was simply breathtaking!

4. Walking along the Seine in the evening! It really is as amazing as everyone says!

5. Taking our PhotoBooth picture where we all squeezed into a little tiny booth, and tried to make a heart together but just got something perfectly imperfect!

6. BUBBLES! There was a man who let children play with bubbles, and I got to play too! I was so excited!

7. Looking for Gabriel! Whoever has watched Emily in Paris, knows Gabriel… We tried to find our Gabriel!

8. Ice cream in Giverny after the Monet House, it wasn’t the best ice cream, but for ice cream from a cart, it was really good! It was so hot on that day so the ice cream saved us!

9. DOGS. DOGGOS! I let so many different DOGGOS in Paris! (Please don’t tell my dog about this)

10. Being rescued by Liana and Vk… LITERALLY… multiple times… I’m very kid-like and easily excited, so Liana and Vk saved me many times from traffic, from getting lost… I would have taken a bus to Belgium without knowing where I was going to without them………………

So… To anyone who has Paris on their list, GO! But I do have to say… The place makes it magical, but the people makes a trip unforgettable!


Cha, Linda and Liana

Cha: Never have I met online friends so quickly, and to say that it wasn't really planned at first. But it was one of the most wholesome encounters I have ever had. I haven't been in T3 for a long time, but I almost instantly matched with Linda. She's just so genuine, funny, sweet, and so many other things that, to be honest, it's just so easy to love her and be her friend. She was jumping around, smiling, and laughing when we met, so adorable that it made me feel loved. We had such a great time together in Paris, when I wasn't trying to keep her alive because she kept answering people in French, saying 'yes, thank you,' even though she couldn't understand a thing. She even tried a 'crème brûlée,' a famous dessert, and I can still remember her happy face when she tried it! Later in the day, I also met Liana, and it was a really nice meeting too! She is really sweet, and I had a great time getting to know her. We did some shopping together, like skincare, and I recommended some French cheese and meat for her to eat! We also had the chance to meet with Olympe together, and as we enjoyed the warm weather in Paris, we went to get a drink together and enjoyed the moment. Olympe is such a nice person, I am really glad I got to meet her too. T3 is really a joyful and sweet family! I am really glad I got the chance to meet such people and hope to see them again soon! Love you, sweeties!

Linda: The last day in Paris, Vk had to leave early, and I met up with Cha (@s.c_cha) another T3 member! She hasn’t been in T3 long, but we have become good friends since then!

When I first saw her, I jumped up and down like a little kid and repeated, “Omg! Cha is real!” I had to leave later on the same day, so we only got to spend a few hours together, and during that time, she saved me from ordering coffee that I did not want, saved me from traffic and helped me not get lost on the way to the airport… Cha is one of the funniest and realest person I have ever met. Not only that, Cha is simply gorgeous and reminds me of K-Pop stars! I cannot wait to meet her again and let her show me how Parisians live! (The entire Paris trip, she tried to keep me alive over WhatsApp too) We later went to meet Liana again and went for bubble tea before I had to say goodbye.

Albeit short, that was one of the most wholesome meet up I have ever experienced, because it felt like we have been friends since forever!


Clau and Abi

We met again on the first concert of The Eras Tour here in Mexico, we spend a great day together singing all the songs and changing friendship bracelets, our accounts are: @clau_cgr (Clau) - @chavez.lisset (Liss) - @abi_r_gomz (Abi)c


Chloe, Poppy, Tess and Joanne

hii here’s me ( 0_cloxox) poppy ( poppy.mclaughlan ), tess ( batmomrocks ) and joanne ( jodisnerd ) meeting up in london! we met up for some lunch at joe&juice in london!


Gabs, Liss and Karen

Karen (@karen_cutz), Liss (@chavez.lisset) and I Gabs (@SgGabs27) had a meet up in the city of Mérida in the south of México, Liss and I traveled there and met Karen and a musical band called "Freekids", we met very fun places in the city and we had breakfast together, it was two very fun days

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