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Lemon meetups! 🍋

T3 is a great place to make friends, the people below met up with those friends!


Francesca and Javiera

Hello! My name is Francesca and I am from Chile. In February 2021 I joined T3 and met Javiera, who is also from Chile. We became very good friends and we promised to get together one day. Although it was super complicated because we both lived in different cities, we promised that we would get together! Until Harry Styles got it ♡ on December 1, 2022 we got together to go see Harry Styles in our country and we not only enjoyed and cried at the concert, but I met one of my best friends that T3 and Aidan got me give! 🫶🏼

Our instagram accounts:

Francesca @lebardusilence

Javiera @javiii.v_


Lethicia and Nimer

Meetup of me and Nimer from T3 🙃

we live in the same city so we were trying this meetup a looong time but every time It worked wrong but this time i was walking around with some other friends in a Theme park of Brasilia and finally got the luck to meet her lol

We had much Fun

Love T3 for giving us this oportunity


Karolina and Basia

Hey! I'm Karolina and this month I had the opportunity to meet someone from T3 for the first time. Basia and I started writing to each other in December and became friends very quickly. The fact that we are both from Poland immediately gave us the idea that we need to meet each other as soon as possible! I visited Basia and we spent a really good day together! We were on the beach, visited the city and for the evening we did the TUA marathon (additionally, a flock of beautiful swans joined us haha) 🫶🏼 it's amazing that we live close to each other, and we actually met thanks to AidansArmy! I hope there will be more meetings like this! Our instagrams: @basia.wierzbickaa and @karix.275


Clau, Micheel and Abi

Abi; We meet when Aidan’s Army Mexico started. I was looking for girls who wanted to be admins of the account and server and they said that they wanted to. Since there we started talking and we made friendship with some other AAM girls. We finally met on December second and I hope we see us again soon

clau; This photo is when i met some friends of t3 on December 2, we reunited and go to ice skating there, then we go for a coffee and talk there some minutes, was so fun to meet them in person and can talk♡


Olya and Anya


T3 gave me great people. I never thought that someone you've never seen could be closer than anything in the world.

I traveled 1500 km to meet my mental soulmate and already trying to plan my next meeting.


We met in a strange city for the two of us and spent Saturday walking and talking.

And in the evening we watched the live together and it was super fun!)

I am happy that the famdom gave me such close friends!!❤️

Our family is an amaziiiiing!!!!❤️❤️❤️




Nerea and Soraya

Saturday, December 10 - On this day, Soraya and I met in person after meeting a year and a half ago on the Tier 3 chat on Discord. I met up with her in Madrid, Spain. We’re both huge fans of the director Tim Burton and art, so we take the advantage of the new “Tim Burton museum in Madrid”, called “El laberinto de Tim Burton” (English: Tim Burton’s maze). There, there were sculptures and real sketches that he did for his projects: Batman, Nightmares before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride… And we took some pics together for a memory. We had lunch at a park called El Retiro, and I opened the beautiful birthday presents that she gave me. After that, we walked around the city, Madrid.


Sunday, December 11 - The next day, as art fans, we went to El Museo del Prado to see some paintings of our favorite artists: El Greco, Diego Velázquez, Francisco de Goya, El Bosco... Their paintings drive us crazy. Fun fact: as everyone scared me of the big city, I was wearing a secret pocket down my sweater with my credit card, money… We had to walk through a metal detector to get into the museum and she reminded me about my secret pocket that we used to call “The Doraemon’s pocket”. I had to take everything off of it very fast because I was the next one to walk through. Everything went ok. It was a pleasure to meet someone who thinks as much as I do and loves the same things I do, we both have the same tastes. Love you Sora if you're reading this


Viktoriya and Anya

We met with Anya back in the fall, it was an unexpected meeting. Between the cities in which we live 2224 km 😳

When it got colder in my city, my family and I decided to go by car to the other side of the country to a warm city. The path was not close and sometimes (when the connection was caught) I texted with my friends in Discord.

And suddenly, when I said which city I would go through I saw "What? I live there!" I really didn't know until that point. We met, hugged and talked for a bit. It's been a beautiful 15 minutes in my life! ❤️

I love Anya so much!!! Meow


Angelina and izzy_petr

I’ve always known that T3 is a place where the best people,kind and caring are gathered together.But I’ve never thought that I will ever have a chance to meet physically at least one of them. Izzy is one of my greatest friends who is extremely important to me.We have been friends since March 2022 and every single day since then I have been realising how kind, sweet and amazing she is,she is somebody I really adore talking to,I know that I can always rely on her and be sure, that she will always support me no matter what…That's why October 30th is one of the best days in my life.The day we met was just unbelievable and I still can't stop smiling from these warm memories.I am the happiest person because of being a T3 member and getting to know such truly incredible people like Izzy.Thank you Aidan for this opportunity

I love you all very very much!!!


Clau and Lisset

We became friends because we met in a server of mexican aidan's armys (aidansarmy_mexico) and then we create a group with some people of that server, we saw that both live so nearly so i visited her and we spend two days together in the city of Querétaro, also we could saw the live together and have so much fun!!!


Julie and Rebeca

in December 2021 that she entered the server, and I was going to spend New Years in Panama, I saw that she was from there and I said, why not talk to her, and precisely she lives in the part where I was going, Panama City, my friends from t3 and I decided to invite her to our separate server, and get to know her more, where we talked and played, listened to music, and we began to talk on DM more often, we arranged to meet at the Omar Torrijos Park, I arrived by subway with my mother, and I waited for her in a cafeteria right there, when we began to walk around of the entire park decorated for Christmas, being January 1, it was very nice, we fit in very well, as if we had known each other forever, I gave her a coin from my country, Costa Rica. From there we have talked more on snapchat and video calls on meet, this year I will spend the new year with her, her name is Rebeca, and her account name is @n0tt3sthy and mine is @julieavilesg


Molly and Rebecca

Molly (PistachioGirl) and Rebecca (LittleLionheart) met in person for the first time in February 2022. We are both big fans of the Umbrella Academy and Aidan Gallagher so we met at a convention where we dressed as Five and the Handler. After meeting Molly encouraged Rebecca to officially join T3 and she loves being part of this family. Molly is a great friend and Rebecca is so thankful to have met her through this fandom


Cass and Jenni

me & jxnni.g#3409 (Jenni 24/LA) met up in September actually to go see John Mulaney. I got to show her around San Antonio. We met on here the first time I won a zoom call she won as well and we started talking and have become very close. Planned a meet up and we have plans to become roommates as well. Here’s the pic it’s us at the Tower of Americas in downtown San Antonio >>


Molly and Ash

Easily one of the best, if not THE best, benefit of being a member of Aidan’s Army and Lemon Cult is the friends we make along the way. Nearly 2 years had past since I got to meet and keep some of my most cherished friends, and so when season three of TUA was announced it was apparent that it would be the ideal reason to travel and meet up with some. Knowing that my friend Ashley lived 2500 miles away, I decided to dive deep into making this trip count! I first discovered that the author of the TUA graphic novels, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, actually wrote Hotel Oblivion while staying in my home town, Portland Oregon;

“Way took inspiration from his real-life travels when creating the titular hotel, which he based on the Benson Hotel in Portland, Oregon where he stayed while working on the original Umbrella Academy stories.

“It’s a very old hotel and it’s kinda classy, but it’s also a little bit old. From the outside, it kinda looks like the Hotel Oblivion,” Way recalls. “I would be really isolated in that room just writing. I started to become inspired by the environment that I was in.” - John Saavedra

Deciding to have the Season 3 viewing party in the very hotel that inspired the source material was an easy choice.

The day came for Ashley to arrive in Portland and we started off in true Umbrella Academy style—with a walking tour of Donut shops in downtown Portland! There were even vegan options! Although Griddy’s wasn’t on the tour, we visited quite a few donut shops. Before ending our delightfully sweet stroll of sugar and city sites, we of course had to take a photo of us with the famous ‘Keep Portland Weird’ sign!

Afterwords we went straight to the hotel to start the viewing party. The exterior of The Benson mirrors Hotel Oblivion so closely I had to count bricks to find differences. Of course I bought my official Commission briefcase used on the show, which considering the Hargreaves’ situation I bet they would have loved to have had it! Going through the revolving front doors, we were greeted with vintage Georgian elegance. The grandiose foyer welcomed us with the now familiar high ceilings and stately columns recreated on the show (the notable absence of glowing lights in each column not withstanding). I may not have gotten into quite the mischief that Klaus did when I was a young woman living in downtown Portland, but I can easily remember myself haunting this establishment a few late nights. Back then I took the glorious ambiance for granted, but now I appreciate it greatly.

Ashley and I took the opportunity to take 5 thousand photos inside the foyer of The Benson, and yes, we absolutely recreated the promo shoot with The Hargreaves siblings standing all inside a luggage trolly! Once settled into our rooms to binge the new season, we met up with a friend of mine who made a phenomenal vegan smorgasbord for us to eat during our viewing marathon. Accompanying our delicious meal was a bottle of bourbon with a buffalo on the label—which surprised us when coincidentally the buffalo started appearing throughout the season. To tie in to our viewing experience, Ashley made some adorable Hotel Oblivion keychains and other decor (just like the logo in the show), and I had procured the exact same flip clock the official TUA instagram account posted so we could wake up in true analog TUA fashion. Honestly we did have to go down one story to get ice since the ice machine on our level was broken, but thankfully we didn’t run into any murdering aliens…this time!

While enjoying breakfast in the Palm court one morning (which mirrors the bar inside the Hotel Oblivion the siblings ate and drank at),our waiter John proceeded to tell us of stories about the history and mystique of the hotel, including The Crystal Ballroom (which looked exactly like the reception room for Luther and Sloan’s wedding) and the hidden rooms that, if we looked closely downstairs, we might be able to find! Of course, Gerard Way wrote about these very secret hidden rooms in Hotel Oblivion; however, in the comic they reveal a very different secret versus what we see from the one located in the Buffalo Room in the show. Intrigued by all the stories we had just absorbed, Ashley and I decided to explore the hotel a little more…

We investigated downstairs and successfully found the doors to the hidden rooms, flush with the walls so closely it was hard to find, yet we could not find a way inside.

Ashely and I had such a marvelous time that we vowed to meet up again, and hopefully next time we will explore the east coast (New York or Toronto?) bring along other friends! Season four may mark the close of our Umbrella Academy journey, but as I still own one of the last functioning briefcases from The Commission, I have all the time in the world to make and visit new Lemon Friends

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