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the magic begins when the lemons hit click

We are enjoying the last days of autumn and happy because winter is coming!!❄️

Enjoy what November was like around the world through these beautiful photos of the members of T3.


Autumn still makes the places in the world sunny and with some orange tones before the arrival of winter, a good opportunity to visit the beach or some cities. Enjoy these beautiful photos by:

Paige, Melissa, Lisa, Lyla, Julie, Jessie, Tess, Mahini

A beautiful sunset in Paducah town in Kentucky by Dani

"Half of the leaves around Vancouver have fallen and leaves on this bench looking really interesting I couldn’t resist I needed to take a picture of it."

Anna - Vancouver


November is Mexico is very traditional, it is filled with orange and purple colors with the celebration of the day of the dead and the balloon festival. Enjoy these our traditions in these photos taken by:

Hayley, Gaby and Alison


We count the days until winter arrives, however in some countries the snow already covers the cities and the Christmas lights create an early Christmas atmosphere.

Enjoy these photos from Russia, Ukraine, Italy Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, and El Salvador,

by Nastya, Anastasia, Layla, Karolina, Jessie, Evelina, Chloe, Veronica, Sonia.


I hope you all enjoyed this journey through the amazing photos of our talented T3 members.

Don't miss the next Christmas edition 📸🍋


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