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Find the Lemon !!🍋

Welcome lemons to another edition of Lemon Clic.

This edition is special, because in addition to enjoying the photos of our members, we venture on a journey around the world to find lemons everywhere 🔎🍋🌎. You will be amazed at the rare places where you can find lemons. Enjoy!

Spring is still here and we are enjoying the incredible colors of the flowers. Here some beautiful photos from France.

🦋 Hello lemon friends In this month of May in my city, La Roche-sur-Yon, many flowers have grown and I have been able to photograph them 🌸🌻🌺🌼🐝. - 📸 Olympe

🌷Here are some pictures of spring flowers taken in the garden of the 9 young ladies of my city (Vaison La Romaine, France). Very spring vibes, what’s your favorite flower 🌹🌼🌸? - 📸 Maeva

Click to the right to see more photos

I’d love to send in the pic I took in Victory Park which is in my city- cozy and incredibly beautiful place where I can always truly relax among all these trees

📸 Angelina

Can you imagine going down the street and finding a big lemon, well this happened to many of our members. You will be surprised how many places you can find a lemon 🔎🍋🌎.

I was out and about downtown Vancouver on a Sunday, thinking of what I can do for next submission of the Lemon Click section of the magazine.

The day prior after the livestream I went downtown bought myself a lemon and just took some photos of the Lemon with the North Shore mountains in the background and some photos with the 2010 Vancouver’s Olympic Cauldron.

I didn’t know what to do with the assignment. Canada being colder country we don’t grow lemons here, thus, you’re not going to find a little random lemon on the street. I was walking by the art gallery and saw this Lemonade stand the corner of Robson and Hornby near Lululemon. I thought to myself that this is PERFECT. This is exactly what you would find in a city.

Here’s the map of the area. I just realized the irony of the location. Lemon Heaven is located near lulu-lemon on Rob-son Street

📸 Anna

Look,today I found these beautiful lemons in the decoration of the gazebo of one Italian restaurant in our city!🥰❤️🍋They’re cuties!<3💘

And one stand with lemonade!🍋It is called in translation from Russian "Lemonade" (as an adjective)💘🥰💐.

📸 Nastya

So this one is a giant lemon i found in Milan a few months ago, i went to a farm and they have a bunch of giant lemons went to this place near Milan when i met up with Jane back in March, the name is Centro Verde. it’s a really lovely place, they have a big shop spaces full of plants, garden’s products, flowers, animal sections and there was this section fully of giant lemons and plants. ✨🍋

They also have a farm section, where they have some lovely animals. like a little pig, horses, alpacas, donkeys, goats, peacocks, and many hens.

📸 Lisa

That day I was sad because it was the birthday of my best friend who passed away 3 years ago, so I decided to walk to the mall and enter Liverpool because my mom asked me to check the offers of the night sale, suddenly the offers made me happy and while I was looking for a new coffee cup I found this mannequin dressed in lemons.

📸 Gaby

I just found these two random lemon trees in a store, It’s in a big supermarket called Sainsburys, they were prompting summer.

📸 Tess

We close with these incredible and random lemons found in Portugal.

📸 Gio

See you in the next edition of Lemon Click ✌️🍋

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