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Updated: Feb 25

the magic begins when the lemons hit click 📸


Enjoy some of the photos our T3 members take around the world.

Ready to enjoy this trip?

From Italy, we start with small mountain village at the foot of Monte Rosa called Alagna Valsesia, one of the largest ski areas in Europe. And obviously the specialty of Italy, pizza! In this traditional pizzeria, the dough recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. We cannot leave Italy without enjoying this classic Italian coffee, just by seeing it we can almost taste it.

Did you know that It was in fact 1889 when the first classic pizza was created

Germany: Most of these photos were taken in Cologne, Germany, a beautiful place with 1.086 million inhabitants, where you can safely ride a bike. The ship in the photos is on the Rhine River. The Rhine is a 1,232.7 km long river in Western and Central Europe and one of the busiest waterways in the world.

We will also see the world famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. The Brandenburg Gate was built between 1788 and 1791. Atop the gate is Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory.

The last photo was taken in the North Sea in the Netherlands. We can see two people together, like our Famdom, which has a close bond no matter how many miles we are from each other. We are still as close as they are with our hearts and our love is as infinite as the water of the sea or the ocean.



"This is the photo I took in Toronto, Canada (city hall) just when the pandemic started, March 2020. I used a 15 mm fisheye lens just as the sun was setting."


Russia gives us a beautiful spot from Saint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk


Nearing the end of our trip, we will take a step through Latin America and one last visit to Switzerland to enjoy its beautiful places and the talent of our lemons. 🍋📸.


"Once I stopped being afraid of the dark and I allowed myself to inhabit it in order to learn to better listen to my heart whenever it was necessary; And I am not talking about the dangerous darkness from which, without hesitation, we would do everything to rescue someone we love, but about that necessary darkness that life sometimes puts in us so that we can develop other senses.

Thus, my love for black and white photography arises, especially when I do analog photography, which has that delicacy of the old and of capturing the precise moment where the true essence of life is. The three photos are analogous, but one is pinhole style, guess which one it is"

I hope you all enjoyed this journey through the amazing photos of our talented T3 members. Don't miss the next edition, which will be Halloween around the world!🎃 See you soon!👻


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