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Lemon Clic 📸💕

Love is in the air and in the photos

We have already passed the second month of the year and we celebrate Valentine's Day, but we also leave those snowy landscapes behind to begin to welcome green and sunny landscapes.

The cities began to flourish. Come with me to enjoy these beautiful photos taken by our lemons, around the world.

Photo by Nastya

I wanted to share with you this magnificent French sunset with magnificent colors ! I captured this magical and rare moment at this time of year, which only lasted a few minutes before the sun finally set. Photo taken on 02/12/2023


This photo is taken in the United States, I love to see it, since my friend knows that I love sunsets, and I love to see it because it was very nice to take it for me. Ari del Valle

This photo is starting to date, I took them myself during a photography course (the camera I used was a Canon EOS R5


The photo depicts a hummingbird drinking from the nectar of a flower, which made it incredible for me the way of representing everyday nature. Karen

I choose to share this picture for the magazine because it's the most beautiful rainbow I've seen in my life. The photo is from 2012


Spain, Mexico, El Salvador y Brazil, are the beautiful spots that inspired our lemons to take these beautiful photos.

Photos by: Nerea | Gaby | Sonia | Amanda

To close this edition, I leave you with an inspiring photo that reflects the meaning of the month of friendship and love.💕

The reason why this picture always makes me smile is that it reminds me about trip to Vienna I had with my classmates.And what I have to say is that trip was amazing not just because I had a chance to see some new places but also because I had a chance to see all of them with my best friend Annie.We had the greatest time together and this picture is an example of it—we had to spend 10 HOURS crossing the border of Ukraine,what you may think was extremely boring…BUT NOT IN THAT CASE- with her it was best time ever So travelling can be way more interesting if you have a good company 💕.


See you next month! ✌️

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