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It's 2023! 🎇🙌

2023 arrived and with it all the energy to start a new year. January was characterized by being a

cold month, but that did not take away from our lemons the desire to celebrate the new year.

In this edition we will discover how our T3 members celebrated the new year and we will enjoy the first sunset of the year around the world.

Like every year, the first minute of the year will be the time for hugs and new goals for the coming year. Minutes later, tradition required looking at the sky to see how hundreds of colored lights illuminated the firmament.

Fireworks arise from the Chinese tradition of joyfully opening the beginning of a new lunar cycle with good things and to scare away the bad vibes.

Enjoy these photos, from El Salvador, Furteventura and Bolivia

Photos by: Sonia | Layla |Denisse

📸 The cities and beaches also showed their charm the first days of the year. Here we see a photo of downtown Mexico City, by Rebe.

📸 Lucia with her family went to the Antonio Raimondi park to spend New Year.

📸 Denisse received the new year in a beautiful island called Copacabana

Winter continues and in some parts of the world snow still covers the landscapes. Enjoy this snowy pics from Russian lands.

By: Nastya

And we close this edition of Lemon Clic with the first sunset of 2023 around the world.

Enjoy these beautiful views.

Pics by Alisa | Camila | Julia | Layla | Lisset | Lucia | Sonia


I hope you all enjoyed this journey through the amazing photos of our talented T3 members.

Don't miss the next edition 📸🍋


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