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Earth month edition 🌎💗

Something that characterizes the members of T3 and all of Aidan's Army is their love for the planet. This month, to celebrate Earth month, we want to share these beautiful photos from all over the world.

Enjoy it!📸

We start with these beautiful photos of forests, parks and meadows from Andorra, Brazil, UK to Mexico. Some of these places are appreciated by our members for the following reasons:

"And why do I like this place? well, it's very simple. Because apart from the fact that it is a very small country and that it has a lot of vegetation and nature, it is a very quiet and very healthy place. 💖🌍✨🌲" - Ada

"I like this park because I spent my whole childhood coming with my mother, my uncle and my brother, so it was a big milestone in my childhood 💗" - Amanda

"What i love about this park is that i’ve had so many memories in it and it also has lots of history about the park and my city!"😊 - Chloe

"This is the Bicentennial Park, it's in Mexico City. This is one of my favorite parks in the City because it is very large and full of different types of activities, plus it has many green areas and a beautiful lake." - Made

These twin summits have become one of the most recognizable Vancouver landmarks, so much so they were the inspiration of the names of Lions Gate Bridge that connects Stanley Park to North Vancouver.

There are myths about “The Sisters:

The Squamish people named two peaks "Ch'ich'iyúy Elxwíkn" (Twin Sisters) which have spiritual, cultural, and historical importance. The peaks signify the peace treaty between Squamish and Haida peoples, and were transformed by Sky Brothers after twin sisters married Haida twins and created a path for peace. Descendants of the families who made the treaty still live in the Squamish and Haida Nations.

So why is it called The Lions sometimes. Unfortunately about 1890, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice John Hamilton Gray proposes that Canada rename the mountain peaks to Lion reference to the lion statues in Trafalgar Square

- Ana

Without a doubt our lemons enjoy nature to the fullest, a clear example are these wonderful places, enjoy these views of Italy, France, Lithuania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia

"This is Val D’Otro, my little happy place between the mountains where i live 💚i usually go there when i’m home and i need some time with myself, it’s like my little heaven" - Lisa

"On the april 22nd my friend and i went to the sakura park!!🌸 i loved the trees so much<33 they were insanely beautiful" - Evelina

"The health course in Vaison La Romaine is a green space that was designed to improve the well-being of the inhabitants. The area offers trails for walking, sports, and various activities including petanque, tree climbing, and sports competitions. The paths lead to the "Jardin des Neuf Damoiselles", featuring 81 granite blocks sculpted by Serge Boyer that represent heaven, earth, and the passage of time. The garden was built to symbolize the year 2000 and the "Nine" European Cities of Culture, with 9 stones in the center bearing the names of these towns." - Maeva

"I love this grove because it has a colorful and relaxing vibe!!"💖 Turkey Istanbul Sariyer Emirgan Grove💖 - Nur

"The thing I liked the most is the cool air, the dirt and the camp. That day we drank hot chocolate and all my family slept togather there" - Raya

Villaldama, Nuevo León, small town far from Monterrey

Photos by Hayle


"This month a very beautiful place was opened to the public where you could see a walk/garden that with the help of the plants you could create large sculptures. It was very satisfying to visit that place" - Karen

"I have the habit of traveling to various places in Brazil, photographing natural landscapes and getting to know the culture of each region. Earth Day gained a new meaning for me from that day, I started following people who use their influence for helping the planet in all my social-medias. I feel at home in T3, I am sharing ideals with the right people who, like me, dream of changing the world." - LUA

"Hello my name is Olympe I share with you some bautiful photos that I took in the parks of my city (La roche -sur-yon)" - Olympe

"These photos are from the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio. I visited the park earlier this month. I love that the conservatory has a butterfly garden that protects pollinators because they are so important to our ecosystem" - Rebeca


"This park is called Parque Metropolitano it is located in the northern part of my city, inside the small lake are the ruins of an old house, it is full of animals that live in their natural state, such as birds, squirrels, lizards" - Gaby

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful photos, take care and love the planet. See you the next edition of Lemon Clic.

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