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January FanArt

Enjoy the works of talented T3 members!

— „This Fanart is inspired by TUA Season 3 ! The end of the world, the Googleblitz wich sucks everything in it’s path, Five must save his family… Quick quick ! Time is running out for the Umbrella Academy, which time formula you use it ? A little nod to Pogo, it's up to you to find I hope you enjoy it Guys ! Maéva

— „I made the fanart with several software and the features of my phone, I really enjoyed doing this. My fan account is Cath.aidansarmy

I wish you a very happy new year 2023 all.💖“ Cath

— „Fan art was done in graphic design mode. My fan art is about where Aidan does concerts for his fans all over the world and how the crowd admires Aidan for everything he does and the love he has for the fans. Rebecca

— „I really enjoy the work he did in video editing and illustration, I see it as something to relax and create art and videos inspired by people I appreciate and admire very much, in this case most of my videos are inspired by Aidan, my illustrations are also inspired by him and in animals, people, and some objects.

IG: Aidy.stark Allisa

— „I got inspired by reading an article about why kids love to play in puddles, and i remember that jumping meant agility, speed, balance and strength- it got me thinking about how much strength it takes to create a portal and thats why i decided to depict it as a puddle with a small five falling into it.“ IG: lis.mgg Lisa

I drew this drawing for Aidan, because I love watching his livestreams very much 🍋I also drew this with a regular pencil ♥ IG: Anastasia_kucheriava Anastasia

— „Hello! My name is Sonia and I'm from El Salvador. This drawing is by Five Hargreeves from the umbrella academy ☂️ I always wanted to make these drawings and today I did it, I was inspired by a cartoon I found on pinterest and I decided to draw it with all my spirit and positivity, at first I thought about doing another one but no, I wanted to do this drawing and I did it, I really liked the result, I remember that I saw several drawings and I said someday I will draw like this, and I did it, I am very, very happy, it took me a little time to do it, the materials were: drawing pencil with eraser, colored pencils, black pen and pencil sharpener. I really loved this drawing, I hope to continue doing many more in the future.

If you have any idea of doing something don't think about it, do it and you will see that it will come out with time and patience, don't give up. I love you! 🍋

IG: e_aidansarmyyy Sonia

— „I want to improve my watercolor paintings skills so I tried to do a pic of Aidan at The Umbrella Academy premiere.

IG: she.nerea Nerea

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