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GRWM... to watch the livestream of Aidan Gallagher!

For Aidan's army, Saturdays are very important, because it's Aidan's livestream day for his fans! And our dear members of T3 have shared their GRWM of how they prepare to see the livestream!


Hey everyone! My name is Ash (@ashleigh_berryman)

The Afterparty is at 12:00am for me (Sunday) and the Livestream is at 1:00am (Sunday).

I set an alarm for 11:45pm so I can prepare for the Afterparty

I then go on the Afterparty on my phone

During this time I may go grab some water from my kitchen, prepare my laptop for the livestream, make sure my AirPods are charged enough and get comfortable in my bed so I am ready for the livestream.

I then watch the livestream, once it is done I will stay on the discord chat for a little but and then go back to sleep.

Hey hey! Lis greets you here! (@lis.mgg)

So, Saturday is my day of joy and a day for myself and what i love. Usually before the livestream i do some skincare routine, i usually put myself on my hobbies like draw or edit, and when in 7pm (italian time) i put my pyjamas, i make myself a coffee, i get comfy on my balcony and i enjoy the livestream with the best family in the world watching the sunset

Hey! here Sonia!! (e_aidansarmyyy)

I will tell you how I prepare to see Aidan's livestream:

First I get up and change into comfortable clothes.

I wash my face, I take my parakeet out to the cage, then I heat the water and prepare my coffee.

When it's ready, I see that it's almost time for the live so I tidy up my desk a bit and turn on the computer

I also have my water bottle ready

And so I'm ready to see Aidan 🤩 that I also accompany it with some delicious Takis


Finally, we share with you two vlogs from our beloved T3 girls (Brooklin @brooklin_loser and Nastya @aidanlxfive) who tell us how they prepare for Aidan Gallagher's livestream


And you, how do you prepare to see Aidan's livestream? Leave us your routine in the comments!

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