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February's Featured T-3 Patreon Members!

Check out some of the lovely members we got to spend Valentine's Day with! Remember you are LOVED more than you know.

Aidan's Army Andorra

Aidan's Army Argentina

"Hello everyone! I hope you have a bright and fantastic day! My name is Eliana, I am 16 years old and I live in Argentina, one of my favorite hobbies is reading since it is something I do the most in my days, then I go in the afternoons with my friends to play volleyball, watch movies/series on Fridays the night and bike rides on Sunday afternoons"


Aidan's Army Brazil

Aidan's Army Chile

Aidan's Army El Salvador

Aidan's Army England

Aidan's Army France

Aidan's Army Germany

My name is Chantal, I’m 15 years old right now and I’ll turn 16 on the 20th April. I’m from Germany but I live in California right now since I’m doing my exchange year there to experience the American Highschool life :)) I love the beach as you can see on the photo and if you feel the same way then feel free to text me so we can get to know each other better - My Instagram is @chantal_aidansarmy and if you wanna check out my edits as well then go take a look at @umbrella_acdemy ꨄ

Aidan's Army Guatemala

Aidan's Army Honduras

Aidan's Army India

Aidan's Army Lithuania

Aidan's Army Mexico

Aidan's Army Panama

Aidan's Army Peru

Aidan's Army Poland

Aidan's Army Puerto Rico

"Hello, my name is Wilmarie and I am from Puerto Rico. I want to say that I have had the best holidays with you. You Lemons are the best family I've ever met. Thank you for everything and for the unforgettable moments. I love you so much"


Aidan's Army Russia

Aidan's Army Ukraine

Aidan's Army U.S.A

"My name is Sofia, I'm fourteen. Im also a Mexican American that lives in Miami FL. I enjoy reading anything really, but especially romcom and horror. I have a big passion for animals and do my best to care of the planet. Im also currently in the process of volunteering at my local animal shelter"


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