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February FanArt

New inspiring artworks of T3 members!

— „I was inspired by Lemon Day! 🍋 I wanted to make something as a way to celebrate! This is all digital art but I will be making it into an oil painting soon. My instagram is lunamothx and all my art will be located there in the future as well 😊 Luna

— „This Fanart is inspired by 4th of July song and Aidan’s passion for the music.

I hope you enjoy it Guys ! 💛 (maeva_aidansarmy / lemon.aidansarmy.squads)


— „Every month, on every livestream, I get inspired to do another drawing or painting of my idol. This time, it was a drawing of him at the The Umbrella Academy Premiere. For this drawing I used a mechanical pencil, three different pencils and cotton for blending. I specifically love how the eyes turned out! The premiere was a special day for all of us.

Probably, there's a new painting coming soon. Ig: she.nereaNerea

— „I never learned to draw, but I liked it. Up to a certain point. Then I did not take a pencil in my hands for 20 years, until I came here. So, I can say that T3 and the fandom as a whole became the main inspiration. And my Anya, @annushka_bug_art, thanks to whom I continue my attempts)

Inst: @o_w_leanderOllya — „Hello, my name is Olympe, I am French, I am 22 years old.

Lemon's, have you ever dreamed of seeing Aidan play a 🧛 vampire

or a 🐺 werewolf?! Who instead of blood and heart loves coca cola, how would it be? Inspired by the supernatural series "Vampire Diaries" and "Teen Wolf". First realization on the Procreate software. Olympe

— „Materials: pencil, blush, markers. Instagram - anyyyko.Annet

— „Drawing in our famdom has become a good tradition for me))✏️ I just love to draw..and our family... (and coffee)))

IG: annushka_bug_artAnya

— „This is my fanart for Magazine!Meli


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