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Father´s Day

A father is not the one who gives life that would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love. -- Denis Lord

Featured Dads

Mr. Gallagher

For showing what unconditionally love means to Aidan and always being by his side.


"Memory is an infinite piece, sometimes it becomes visible and screams, but sometimes it is enclosed in its silence."

universal alzheimer

You are the strongest girl I´ve ever know.


This is Roy Chrapchynski. He was born in Sudbury, Ontario in on July 26, 1940 and he was my Dad. At the age of 18, he joined the Canadian military. As I look at pictures of him in his 20s, he drank with the boys, played the trumpet in military bands, and for fun he jumped out of airplanes. He would eventually meet and marry my Mom and have three uniquely different girls. I was his youngest daughter.

He wasn’t perfect, he had his flaws which most dads have. Lately, I’ve been recalling a memory of when I was a five or six. He would come home lay on the couch. My sister and I would jump on him playfully. He would playfully rub his cheeks against ours, I can still feel the feeling of his 5 o’clock shadow against my cheek. I sometimes felt intimidated by my Dad because he had a loud booming voice. Which I think now have benefited me. Men who try to intimidate me via through body language, I find more annoying than anything. He was a great Dad because he was my dad.


I had a difficult start in life with my real dad, unloving and uncaring, men always seemed to let me down.

When I met my husband, I slowly learned to trust, his family taught me how to love and how to be vulnerable.

My father-in-law Paul showed me how a father is supposed to be, he showed patience, acceptance, love and understanding, Paul alongside my husband allowed me to learn to accept love from a man and love who I am (I am still trying to figure that out).

I know if I was in trouble he would do everything he could to support me and my family and that means a lot.

My son has autism and alongside my mother-in-law they have provided so much love and support. I couldn’t have done this without them/

I struggle with using the word Dad, although I said it, in my heart he is one of two people I associate as a father figure, and he has made a big difference in my life.

I love you Paul (Dad) thank you for everything you have done.


Aidan´s Army Dads


My dad passed away 10 years ago, but I still consider him my superhero today. He was my sidekick and the reason for all my laughs, and despite all of his faults he was the best man I have ever known.💛


I can never say enough about why I love my dad. He may quite literally be the most important person in my life. I never could have asked for a more loving, kind, hilarious father who understands me as a person as very few ever can. Not to mention, another Disney fanatic as you can tell…wonder where I inherited some of THAT?


I love him cause he always supports me with everything. For example music, my education and much more. He has always been by my side and I know he will be. He is trying so hard to have a good future for us. I love that he tries to create perfect times. I love him in every way.


I love my dad for the wonderful person he is, for always listening to me and talking to me, for making an effort every day so that I have a better future.


Happy Father's Day the one who knew how to protect me all my youth and even now I love you so much

(I came so far, I crossed the world for a sentence. Dad I love you.❤️♥️💙)


I love my dad

For your badly told jokes, for your unconditional support and for teaching me that life has ups and downs.


Why do I love my dad?

I love my dad, because he has taught me things, he has shown me how to be a strong and intelligent girl and what I appreciate the most about my dad is that he works hard so that we can continue with our schools, get good grades and spend beautiful moments with my dad👨‍👧👔


There are countless reasons why I love this amazing person that I can proudly call my dad❤️

My dad has always been there for me. Whether I need advice, a listening ear, or just someone to talk to.He has a way of making me feel heard and understood, even when I'm struggling to put my feelings into words.

My dad is also one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I know. He has always been a role model for me in terms of his work ethic and determination. He has taught me the value of perseverance and the importance of setting goals for myself.

Beyond his work ethic, my dad has a great sense of humor and always knows how to make me laugh or cheer me up during hard day.He has a way of finding the joy in life's little moments, and his positive attitude is so contagious.

One of my favorite things about my dad is also his love for adventure. He has always encouraged me to explore new places and try new things, and so HE has instilled in me a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world around us.

He has believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.So my main goal for life is to make him forever happy just like he does me every day❤️


My dad is the best dad in the world. He is always there, ready to help at any second. He's the kindest person I've ever met. I am very glad that I am his daughter♥️

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