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Fanart from our September members!

We have such a talented fandom! so we would like to take this opportunity to showcase and appreciate some of the amazing pieces of creativity we have been sent!

make sure to check everyone out on social media and give them your love!

A beautiful artpiece of the mods by Léa !

Message: I joined in the beginning of July. I met cool people, I don’t regret having joined this lemon cult. This is here that I showed my drawings to people for the first time. Everyone is nice and kind. And I made amazing friends !!

Instagram: @yourlocalcapricorn_

WOW! the shading and detail on this is extraordinary!

wonderful art by Angelina!

Message: I wanted to say how much this means to me and how many positive and pleasant moments Aidan and this amazing famdom brought into my life.

Because really presence of this fantastic lemon family in my life makes me the happiest person in the world every day and every moment.

I’m so happy I met these incredible people who were always there when I needed them, they were supporting me, they were celebrating with me,were making my every single day brighter and happier.

I love you all very very much


Instagram: @Angie.rcz

Beautiful Photo edits by Anna!

Message: What I always say what I love about this fandom…. I get to talk to people from different parts of the world. Learning more about peoples cultures and in perspective of the world. Especially in a world of crisis. I love the positivity & support system that we have. It’s a fandom of United Nations of people.

Instagram: @Anna.chra

Some wonderful fan art of our favourite assassin and coke lover by the beautiful Micheel! WOW!

Message: My favorite thing about this fandom is the incredible friendship we form with everyone. I have met many incredible people, including the moderators and of course Aidan. I really enjoy spending Saturday watching Aidan and talking to everyone in the chat.

Instagram: @Melani.micheel

Absolutely ADORE this comic style! Some very creative work from Marie! Thank you Marie!

Message: My favorite thing about this fandom is that it's a huge lemon family, where everyone can feel safe and happy. And no matter from which place of the world you are, in this fandom you can find best friends for life!

Aidan's army is home!

Instagram: @Marieadhm

Beautiful Artwork and Beautiful words. Always nice to hear what people think of our fandom!

these fan arts and sweet words come from Gio! THANK YOU GIO!

Message: I've been in this FAMdom for a long time, and it will always mean a lot to me, it will always be a part of my life, when I clicked on aidan's first video on youtube I didn't know that I would find again the boy who made me laugh so much in nicky ricky dicky & dawn, I never thought that I would find not only friends for life but also a family that would love me very much and make me feel good every day, without a doubt I am very grateful for our paths have crossed, a path full of lemons and a lots of love, my heart will always have the name aidan army tattooed.

What do I like more about the T-3?

How can I say it? There are so many things, the chaos, the gif squad, mouse the cat haha ,the beautiful smiles and laughs that you guys bring me every day, the saturslay, the fact that yall exist and that I am here with you, the fun, projects...Oh! And the rice! I couldn't forget about that

Thank you for painting my life with colours when it is black and white and for have fun with me whenever it has colours.

Instagram: @aidansarmybrasil

The Beautiful Anya surrounded by her wonderful drawings! The detail in all of them is absolutely unbelievable! To see all her art make sure to check her out on Instagram!

Message: I came here with my own interests that were not shared with me.. And I met people just like me! I've been here for a year and we communicate every day, on different servers and in different social media! We see each other inside the fandom, if possible! I'm so grateful to Aidan for coming up with this place! Love you guys with all my heart!!

Instagram: @annushka_bug_art

Wow! What a detailed piece of work!! amazing work by Chloe! Happy Birthday to our Raybans!

Message: My favourite thing about this fandom is the people and the vibe, Aidans army has shown me that there is always someone even if they are miles away, can always make you smile and make you feel 1000% better even if you’ve had a horrible day.

Instagram: @0_cloxox

These are absolutely beautifully detailed! there is something so special about traditional drawings and these are incredible! The detail in the hands is astonishing ! SO talented Nerea!

Message: I love how close is this fandom, everyone helps each other. Thanks to this fandom we all learned new cultures, lifestyles, music, new hobbies.... We also learn new things every day. It's AMAZING how dedicated is Aidan because not every famous try to meet their fans and make them happy. This fandom is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT. I'M PROUD TO SAY THAT I'M AN AIDAN ARMY AND THAT AIDAN IS MY IDOL.

Instagram: @she.nerea

This is beautiful Cathy! Instagram: @Sunstar.hero

Omg! This is absolutely unreal! So talented Poline! We have admired your art for so long you are EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you so much for blessing us with these amazing pieces!

Message: t3 fandom has always been and remains my second family for 2 years now .. I am grateful that I once came to this and he gave me lovely and unforgettable emotions, many friends and such an incredible experience!! every day he inspired me and makes me smile!! Thanks to everyone who was with me, thanks for this time!! love you lemons ^o^

Instagram: @Polinerin

LOVE THIS!! An amazing artwork of comic five Hargreaves by Fran! Thank you Fran!

Message:I love that the fandom is always so united

Instagram: @Frananto08

GREAT Raybans artwork by Jiréh Love the shading and the shades ;)

Message:My favorite things about this amazing fandom are the way we help each other, if someone has a problem, there will always be someone who will give you a good advice, another thing I love about this fandom is that we are like a family, despite the difficulties that may we are always united.


I love the line art here!! Such a wonderful drawing thank you so much Allisa!

Message: It has been my second family, and I found friends from many parts of the world who share many things together regardless of distance, we play, we watch movies..., it is beautiful.

Instagram: @Aidy.Stark

We absolutely ADORE Annet and her amazing artwork!! It always brings a smile to our faces to see her instagram full of creative brilliance!! You are fantastic!! Make sure to check out her page!

Message: There’s an infinite number of my favorite things about this fandom. but these are the main ones that made me absolutely addicted to my second family.


it is so unbelievable that different people who don’t know you well can become your friends so easily. every time i hop in the t3 chat I’m sure that i can talk to each person and have fun with them! this is the place where i can GET SUPPORT and GIVE SUPPORT BACK. we overcame many things together and im sure there will be some situations to overcome in the future. our circle of trust insists on very loyal people who can keep your secrets and thoughts. this is the place where i feel safe.


the sense of humor is very important to me in any relationship. ive met a lot of people in this fandom who can understand my jokes and laugh out loud because of them. and so do i. sometimes it gets so chaotic when Aidan joins us. amazing when you can have fun with him, right?


it’s easy to notice in our chat that all of us have different age. we can learn from each other’s experience and also teach those people who hadn’t experienced something yet!

Instagram: @anyyyko

What a Wonderful tapestry !! So creative! I wonder how long that took! amazing! Thank you Linda!

Message: Have you ever eaten something so delicious, that you felt like you were dreaming, but have gone years without eating it again until one day, you were finally able to replicate the recipe? Or have you ever been reunited with your dog after a long time? Your heart flutters with happiness, peace, and security. This is what I feel whenever I open the T3 chatroom again.

Instagram: @Gif_squads


I Would like to also share with you all some beautiful poems from our


First up: TACHA - We absolutely loved this poem of yours! It brought a smile to all ur faces and is a perfect example of what life in our fandom is all about. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

Instagram: @missymouse1893

Now from Mexico we have wonderful Karen's poem! this is absolutely beautiful and we are so glad you have found a lovely home with us here in our wonderful fandom! Thank you Karen!

Instagram: @Karen_cutz

Lastly for poems we have the beautiful Sherida! What a wonderful poem about our family! Thank you so much for your kind words Sherida and we are so glad to have you in our fandom :)

Instagram: @Amandaysi


Thank you to all these wonderful artists and writers for sending us their drawings and poems!

If you would like your artwork to be featured on our site join us on T3 Patreon!

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