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England News: Queen Elizabeth 2nd passing

The biggest news that happened this month in England was the unfortunate passing of Englands beloved Queen on September 8th aged 96 years old.

She is Englands longest ruling monarch, breaking the record of our previous longest monarch Queen Victoria. She kept spirits high during World War 2, broadcasting to comfort the children who had been taken from their families to the countryside. She also helped out as a mechanic during the war.

What Interests me a lot about the Queen is she was never actually supposed to be Queen at all. The Queens uncle was King but gave up the throne meaning his brother ( The Queens father ) Had to step up as King and 16 years later Elizabeth would have to do the same.

Becoming Queen is a big thing on its own but becoming queen in the 1950s, a time where it was very much a mans world, was rough.

We hope she is happy with her beloved Phillip on the other side.

Long live the king. Charles 3rd

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth 2nd

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