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Editor Appreciation! 🍋🌸

Welcome to Aprils editor appreciation!! Here you can find talented editors from T3 to support, on both TikTok and Instagram

This edit was made by Stephany!

Hey, my name is Stephany, I’ve edited since I was 11, I like editing because I feel like it’s a way to escape from real world and all the problems, this edit was an appreciation of how amazing Aidan is, finally my account in tiktok it’s @aidyxr

This edit was made by Audrey!

hey! my name’s Audrey and i think i’ve been editing for… maybe a few months now? i think i’ve gradually gotten better at editing and i really love it. if you’d like to start editing i think you could start by using capcut(it’s free btw) and by getting tutorials on how to do some transitions and what not on tiktok. if you would like to look at my tiktok it’s cc._h34rtmason. daily reminder to stay healthy and drink more water!

This edit was made by Maéva!

Hi !

My name is Maéva, I'm 26 years old I live in France

I discovered a passion for editing in 2022. I'm perfectionist, and edits allow me to express my creativity ! I make edits of The Umbrella Academy, but also for the Aidan's Army project ! And there is one of them ! Footloose dance haha ! We had many talents who know the dance by heart ! I really enjoy make it ! They have the rhythm in their skin

Mister Steeve Blackman extras are available all over the world, hoping to have done you honor !

IG : maeva_aidansarmy IG : lemon.aidansarmy.squads

This edit was made by Sonbia!

My name is Sonia Elizabeth I'm from El Salvador 🇸🇻/Berlín Usulután and I'm 18 years old. I really loved this edits, because I used photos from Aidan's Live stream, when I was watching tik tok I got a video that you could use a template, when I saw it I thought about how I could do it with the photos and that took me a little time but it was fast, I really liked the result and that makes me feel very happy, you can find some of my edits in my Instagram @e_aidansarmyy in the reel 😊❤️

I love you guys, blessings 🙏✨.

This edit was made by !

My name is Allisa. I made my Instagram account 1 year ago but I've been editing longer I don't have the account but I think 2/3 years,I like to edit and draw about UA starwars and Marvel,I edit in capcut and my IG account is [Aidy.stark]

This edit was made by Veronica!

This video is my expression of love and appreciation for Aidan. He's the most incredible person I've ever met. He took me away from my troubles and helped me to solve them. I love him so much. Much appreciated ❤

This edit was made by Irianie!

Hi, my name is Irianie. I have been editing since 2020. I like to edit because it really helps motivate me to keep going. This edit I did is my #1 favorite of all. My edits are how I support Aidan along with mods and/or other celebrities. Hope you all like it and enjoy. Here’s my Instagram & TikTok: irianieaidansarmy

This edit was made by Clau!

• I'm Clau, i've edited since 3 years ago, i like it because i can have relaxing time doing it, with the edits i try to choose some music i like or music Aidan listen to, my account in tiktok is (multixtfb) 🤍 •

This edit was made by Sof!

HI LEMONS! I'm very excited for this new edition of the magazine, so I made this edit for you ♡ TYSM I hope you like it xoxo!

This edit was made by Abi!

I tried this new spinning effect; I’m still working on it but I’m satisfied with the results 💚

This edit was made by Anoushka!

Hiiii am anoushka I’ve been editing since 2020 and editing is something that I always love doing if it’s something simple or complex. I love editing the people I love and support and finding more people who feel the same way. Here’s an edit from my page which I love so so much and I hope you do too <33

This edit was made by Lorena!

heyy guys i’m lorena, i’ve edited since 2020 and i loveee editing because it’s my fav hobby🤭. for my edits i use capcut and my account is aidan5gallagher._

This edit was made by !

Hello my name is Mai and you can find me on tik tok as m.d.aep. I edit since 2021 and I have been evolving until editing in after effects. Creativity is essential for editing, so don't be afraid to express your ideas in the way you want and with your favorite music.

This edit was made by Vale!

Hello my name is Valeria and I edit in Capcut since October 2020. I I love editing, it's one of my favorite hobbies. Beyond being just an edition, I like to convey some feeling to the viewer. Right now I only edit Aidan and The Umbrella Academy but I would like to edit more celebrities. If you want to see more edits go to my tiktok which is @valecoficial

This edit was made by Mari!

Hi everyone, I'm Mari! I've been editing for almost a year. I started doing it because I thought it was fun, but now it's more like my hobby. Love y'all

Btw you can find my account on instagram and TikTok as mrj.ed

This edit was made by Amanda!

Heyy! My name is Amanda, i'm 17 years and im from SP-Brazil 🇧🇷!! I edit since 2021 when I joined in T3!! I love Brazilian songs in edits so I wanted to use this one who’s talk about cowboys and stuff with this livestream 😝 btw my instagram and TikTok acc is @amanda.hcaep

Thank you for reading and watching! Hope you found someone to follow <3

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