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Editor Appreciation! 🌸

Welcome to Marches editor appreciation!! Here you can find talented editors from T3 to support, on both TikTok and Instagram

This edit was made by Lorena!

heyyo I’m Lorena, I stared editing in 2020 for my old account dedicated to harry potter but i stopped in the same year. In 2021 i knew about Aidan and i started again to editing. For make my edits I use Capcut :)) and you can find my edits on instagram and tiktok aidan 5gallagher. _

lyy guys xoxo

This edit was made by Allisa!

My name is Allisa. I made my Instagram account 1 year ago but I've been editing longer I don't have the account but I think 2/3 years,I like to edit and draw about UA and Marvel,I edit in Capcut and my IG account is [Aidystark]

This edit was made by Micheel!

Hello, my name is Micheel, I started editing in April 2022. I made this edition for my birthday and it represents how much Aidan means to me and how much he has changed my life since I met him, it also represents the fact that we are growing up together. You can find my edits on my TikTok account @micheel.aidansarmy and on Instagram @edits_aidang.

This edit was made by YuuVa’a!

Hello there! My name is YuuVa’a but you can call me “Yuyu” or “Uva” if you want! I am 15 years old. I’m from the United States and I’ve been in T3 for 2 years!! I’ve been editing for 4 years and I enjoy editing different people/movies. I really like 80s/90s era so you’ll see me editing those from time to time! I’m really fun to talk to, so if you want to follow me, my username is @pilikiann in tiktok and instagram. Have a great day!! <3

This edit was made by Olympe!

Hello, my name is Olympe I have been editing since 2022. I like to edit many series characters, I edit in Capcut and you can find me on tiktok then instagram under @lemon.aidansarmy.squads (This edit brings together the hargreeves for a dance !

It was exclusively during season 3 that Five gave us some hilarious dance steps for the first time !

This edit was made by Clau!

hello i'm Clau and since more than 3 years ago i start editing Aidan and other famous people, i like because i had a relaxing time doing the edits, my accounts are (clau.aidansarmymx) in ig and in tiktok is (multixtfb)

This edit was made by Sof!

hello lemons! I am very happy to be able to participate again in this incredible magazine,I made this edit commemorating some of Aidan's achievements

and I hope you like Aidan, T3 and mods ! xoxo

This edit was made by Sandra!

Hi my name is Sandra, I'm 17 and I'm from Peru. I really enjoy editing, It's a hobby that I would like to improve, I really liked this edit in particular, I hope you like it. Ig: shelovesaidan / tik tok: shelovesaidann

This edit was made by Jessie!

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm learning to edit because it makes me relax.

This edit was made by Abi!

This edit reminds me of those days in 2020 when all tiktok was full of edits of Aidan with that pink jacket and a lot of people started being part of the fandom I was definitely happy and I knew it

This edit was made by Mai!

My name is Maite (Mai) the user of my edits account is m.d.aep and you can find my account on tik tok. I've been editing since 2021 and I like editing because it helps me relax and develop my creativity. In addition, every time I learn new things and improve my knowledge

This edit was made by Maéva!

Hi !

My name is Maéva, I'm 26 years old I live in France

I discovered a passion for editing in 2022. I'm perfectionist, and edits allow me to express my creativity ! I make edits of The Umbrella Academy, but also for the Aidan's Army project ! And here are my edit ! I love this edit Badass ! It brings together all the badass powers of the Hargreeves brothers

If you had to choose one which one would it be ?

This edit was made by Anoushka!

Hii am Anoushka or @tpsbya I’ve been editing since 2020 and love it so much because I get to make new amazing friends through it and find people who obsess over shows and celebs like I do.this is an edit of five and I loved doing this trend in my own way hehe.

This edit was made by Francesca!

Hello, my name is Francesca, I have been editing since mid-2021. I like to edit many characters from series or movies but I love editing Aidan and Jack Champion both are great actors, you can find me on Instagram and tiktok as @franxgllgher

This edit was made by Rebecca!

Mi name is Rebecca, I've edited since I have memory haha, I love it and I enjoy expressing myself in that way, When I'm editing it's like Im going to another world haha. I love the artistic things, I can edit videos, pics and I can write well. I am a perfectionist and although it can be bad and good I love that side of me because thanks to that I end up satisfied with my work^^

This edit was made by Rocío!

Hii! My name is Rocío and I'm from Spain. I started editing since last year, and it has become one of my favorite hobbies! At first I thought I wasn't going to have much support, but little by little I had more faith, and now I have a lot of support. So don't be discouraged if at first you don't have much support, little by little you will succeed!

This edit was made by Stephany!

He’s the sweetest person I know

This edit was made by Sally!

Hello, my name is Sally, I started editing recently and just for fun. I'm not an expert but at least I have fun doing it. This edition was to support the Envision Racing community along with Aidan to bring about change for the planet that is currently in crisis. IG user: sally_depp

Thank you for reading and watching! Hope you found someone to follow <3

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