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Editor Appreciation!❄️

Welcome to January’s editor appreciation!! Here you can find talented editors from T3 to support, on both TikTok and Instagram 💗

This edit was made by Anoushka!

Helllooo am Anoushka I’ve been editing since 2020 on after effects and i enjoy it so much as I can show my love for people who genuinely make me smile when am down through it and be creative with it.HAPPY 2023, I hope this year will be super fun and happy for everyone.Here’s my first edit of this year on my instagram account @tpsbya ❤️

This edit was made by Sof!

All the edits I make have the purpose of making someone smile with Aidan's edits since his cute attitude makes more than one of us smile I liked this edition since the kool aid suit became part of the family, I hope you like it xoxo

This edit was made by Sonia!

My name is Sonia Elizabeth I'm from el salvador 🇸🇻/Berlín Usulután and I'm 17 years old. I really loved this edits, also because it's about one of Aidan's vlob, when I saw it two ideas came to me how to do it and even that it took a little time to do it because of the filter, the animation and the movement it gives with the song and the cuts, but I really liked the result and that makes me very happy, you can find some of my edits on my Instagram @e_aidansarmyyy on the reel 😊

I love you, blessings 🙏

This edit was made by Clau!

hello, my name is Clau, i've edited since 3 years ago, i like editing because i enjoy that time and can relax a little, this edit was of one of the vlogs Aidan upload some weeks ago, my account in ig is (clau.aidansarmymx) and in tiktok is (multixtfb)♡

This edit was made by Cath!

I'm so happy to be part of this big family, thank you to the team for all they do for us and thank you Aidan for bringing us all together!💖

This edit was made by Nerushka!

Hello, my name is Neruska, I have edited from Panama, I like to edit because it is a type of distraction for my mind and it helps me a lot to clear it and it is a way of showing creativity, this edition was by aidan, my account name is @ ibethxfive

This edit was made by Francesca!

Hello, my name is Francesca, I have been editing since mid-2021. I like to edit many characters from series or movies but I love editing Aidan more, you can find me on Instagram and tiktok as @aidansweet._

This edit was made by Amanda!

Heyy! My name is Amanda, i'm 16 years and im from SP-Brazil 🇧🇷!! I edit since 2021 when I joined in T3 🫶 This edit I wanted to put a nirvana song with Aidan playing electric guitar, then I thought why not?😝 btw my instagram acc is @amanda.hcaep and TikTok @amora.haep

This edit was made by Sandra!

Hey my name is Sandra, I'm 17 and I'm from Peru. I really enjoy editing, It's a hobby that I would like to improve, I really liked this edit in particular, I hope you like it. Ig: shelovesaidan / tik tok: shelovesaidann

This edit was made by Mia!

Hi, I’m Mia and this is my favorite edition, I edit mainly because I like it, it’s my favorite hobby and I edit Aidan because I love all the things he does, I love him very much <3💘

This edit was made by Allisa!

My name is Allisa. I made my Instagram account 1 year ago but I've been editing longer I don't have the account but I think 2/3 years,I like to edit and draw about UA and Marvel,I edit in Capcut and my IG account is [Aidy.stark]

This edit was made by Jessie!

Hi my name is Jessie,I live in Italy.I started editing a year ago, I love editing because it allows you to use your imagination.

This edit was made by Mai!

Hey Everyone my name is Mai and my account name is M.D.AEP I edit in After effects Editing is a hobby, a hobby that relaxes me and you shouldn't always do it. When you feel comfortable or just want to capture your ideas you can do it. It doesn't matter what platform you edit on, the important thing is that you enjoy doing it

This edit was made by Olympe!

Hello, my name is Olympe, I'm French, I'm 22 and here are my edits, ), I started editing in 2022 I really like editing on Umbrella Academy (on our account you can find editing video then fan art we are 3 members on this account to share our passion

This edit was made by Nastya!

Hi, my name is Nastya♥️ I don't edit videos for a very long time, but I want to continue learning how to do it! here are my edits♥️💋

This edit was made by Nastya!

I hope everyone have an amazing year full of love and success

This edit was made by Ophely!

Hiiii well I decided to start the year with a new style I hope everyone finds as cool as me! I’m embarking my 3rd year of editing Aidan and I couldn’t be more proud of everything he achieved so I decided to edit my favourite video of 2023 💕 lots of love ophely xoxo

Thank you for reading and watching! Hope you found someone to follow <3

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