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Editor Appreciation!❄️

Welcome to Decembers editor appreciation!! Here you can find talented editors from T3 to support, on both TikTok and Instagram 💗 Click their names to be taken to their profiles!

This edit was made by Anoushka!

HII HAPPY DECEMBER Am anoushka and I have been editing since 2020 with Adobe after effects. I really love the fact that you can show your love for specific stuff like birthdays, anniversaries and people through editing so here’s an edit I made for the one year of having my new account in this lovely fandom 💗💐✨

This edit was made by Allisa!

My name is Allisa. I made my Instagram account 1 year ago but I've been editing longer I don't have the account but I think 2/3 years,I like to edit and draw about UA and Marvel,I edit in Capcut and my IG account is [Aidy.stark]

This edit was made by Abi!

this year I met incredible people, as Aidan, the mods and girls that today I can call friends. This year was one of the best of my life and I hope to see all of that people the next year

This edit was made by Jess!

Hi I'm Jess. I am from Australia and I have been editing since I was 11. I am now 28 (so a long time). I use Adobe Premiere Pro, and it is a hobby I just adore. I can get lost in a day of editing! I don’t have TikTok, so I make some longer fanvids on YouTube which you can find at @JessWilsonvideos. Thank you so much for watching!

This edit was made by Karolina!

I started editing a little over a month ago. I know there's still a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm more and more satisfied with what I'm creating! I also get to know a lot of new songs through editing, which is great for me because I have headphones on 24/7 haha, I love music! If anyone wants to see more of my work, here'a my tik tok account:@avotkaa

This edit was made by Sof!

hello lemons I made this edition with a lot of love for Aidan, I hope you like it! and I still hope you like it Aidan

This edit was made by Sonia!

My name is Sonia Elizabeth, I am from El Salvador 🇸🇻/Berlin Usulután and I am 17 years old. I loved this edition a lot, it's about one of Aidan's vlobs, when I saw it the idea came to me to do it like this, even though it takes a little time to do it because of the filter, the animation and the movement that comes with the song but I really liked the result and that makes me very happy, you can find some of my edits on my Instagram @e_aidansarmyyy in the reels 😊

I love you, blessings 🙏.

This edit was made by Micheel!

Hello, hello, my name is Micheel, and I am 21 years old. This edition is about Nicky, Five and Aidan, it contains some of the two characters that Aidan has played, and of course, about Aidan. You can find my edits on Instagram as @edits_aidang and on TikTok as @micheel.aidansarmy. Enjoy!

This edit was made by Jessie!

I would like to wish you all a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope this year was full of joys for you all. I love you 😘

This edit was made by Mai!

hii!!! My name is Mai and I have been editing since 2021 and I edit in after effects Editing for me is fun and you learn a lot, it's a hobby where you have to keep improving more and more. It is a hobby that requires a lot of time and that helps to put stress aside and make art

This edit was made by Francesca!

hello my name is Francesca, I have been editing since 2021 and every time I am improving little by little you can find my edits on tik tok and Instagram as @aidanswig_

This edit was made by Olympe!

Hello, my name is Olympe, I'm French, I'm 22 years old and here are my edits, ), I started editing in 2022 I really like editing on Umbrella Academy (creating stories with music) then also aidan's live

IG : olympe_aidansarmy IG : lemon.aidansarmy.squads

This edit was made by Lali!

Hey hey!! My name is Lali, I'm 16 y/o and I like editing! I especially did this edit for christmas season! Hope you like it 🎄⛄.

(I mostly post my edits on TikTok at @laru_army.gllghrx in case you wanna check them out 🥰)

Have an amazing day!! 💖✨

This edit was made by Karen!

This was one of my first edits I made, which I love too much because it combines one of my favorite songs with my favorite person.

This edit was made by Gio!

first of all- ATTENTION, aidan has never said this, it has only been edited for the video - Many times we ask aidan for kisses or hugs because they are demonstrations of affection, we love each other very much in this family, that's why this time it is not aidan who is going to send the kiss, it is us to him

This edit was made by Clau!

hi my name is Clau, i've edited since like 3 years ago, i like editing because i get a relaxing time doing it, with the edits i try to choose some music i like or a music Aidan listen to, my account in ig is (clau.aidansarmymx) and in tiktok is (multixtfb)

This edit was made by Roit!

hi! my name is Roit and i’ve been editing for 2 years, i edit with After Effects - i love all the support i always get and i couldn’t ask for better followers

you can find my edits @roitfive on tiktok and instagram!

This edit was made by Sandra!

Hey my name is Sandra, I'm 17 and I'm from Peru. I really enjoy editing, it's like a free therapy for me, at first I created an account without thinking about all the support I would have, I did this edit for holidays, have a nice Christmas! Enjoy! I currently edit in Alight Motion. Hope you like them. Ig: shelovesaidan / tik tok: shelovesaidann

This edit was made by Lorena!

heyyo I’m Lorena, I stared editing in 2020 for my old account dedicated to harry potter but i stopped in the same year. In 2021 i knew about Aidan and i started again to editing. For make my edits I use Capcut :)) and you can find my edits on instagram and tiktok _aidan_5gallagher._

lyy guys xoxo

This edit was made by Grethel!

Hi, my name is Grethel and I've been editing since October 2020, I like editing because I feel it's a good distraction and it's also nice to see how people support your videos. I did this edit especially in honor of the fact that it's my first Christmas on T- 3 and the third with Aidan :). My editing accounts: Instagram:@bpxaidan Tiktok:@bpxaidan

This edit was made by Gianna!

All I want for Christmas is you<33

This edit was made by Ada!

Hello, my name is Ada and I am 15 years old. I really like editing, even though I know I'm not an expert. But every day I try to do my best since I haven't been editing for a short time. But it's always good to learn new things and try to improve yourself day by day. And currently my Instagram account is: @adasanfer

This edit was made by Rosselin!

Hello, my name is Rosselin and I have been editing for six months, I like to edit about Aidan and TUA<33. I like this edit a lot. the name of my edits account is: 𝑎𝑔_𝑟𝑜𝑠𝑠.𝑒𝑑𝑥


This edit was made by Rebecca!

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a New Year's resolution. May the other year fulfill many purposes and have a good time. I send you a big hug❤️♥️

Thank you for reading and watching! Hope you found someone to follow <3

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