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Editor Appreciation!!🎃 👻

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Welcome to Octobers editor appreciation!! Here you can find talented editors from T3 to support, on both TikTok and Instagram 💗 Click their names to be taken to their profiles!

This STUNNING edit was made by Anoushka!!

Heyy my name is anoushka and I’ve been editing since 2020 and I use After effects for all my edits. I started editing a bit before covid and I just love doing it because I get to use my ideas and creativity and put it into shows and People I love.Editing also just makes me so happy because i get to edit the people who make me the most happiest and give me the biggest smile on my face. it also helped me meet so manyyy amazing friends all around the world which I don’t think I would have gotten without it.

You can find me and my edits on my instagram- @tpsbya and tiktok- @tpsbyaa

This edit was made by Alo!

hi peeps , i’m alondra but i like to go as alo. i love to edit. seeing the transition from it being simple pictures and videos to telling a story and it’s a beautiful process.

This edit was made by Bri!

ive been editing for 2 years. editing is a great hobby bc i get to share my love of my idols and favourite shows and learning how to use programs like after effects, I post them on tiktok and instagram at @kisses4aidan

This edit was made by Chantal!

Hi my name is Chantal, I am from Germany/Bavaria and this is my official Umbrella Academy edit Account that I‘m keeping alive since 2 years now <33 I‘m part of the T3 fandom and if you‘d like to know more about me and editing stuff or just in general getting new friendships for a lifetime JOIN US ON PATREON! And I promise you it‘s absolutely worth it xoxo

This edit was made by Veronica!

Hey! My name is Veronica. I've been editing since 2020 and what I like about editing is the process and delightness about the result. You can find my edits at @edt.ver on tiktok

This edit was made by Allisa!

My name is Allisa. I made my Instagram account 1 year ago but I've been editing longer I don't have the account but I think 2/3 years,I like to edit and draw about UA and Marvel,I edit in Capcut and my IG account is [Aidy.stark]

This edit was made by Lali!

Hey hey!! My name is Laura, I'm 16 and I started editing not so long ago so I don't have a lot of experience but I try to do the best I can! (I mostly post my edits on TikTok at @laru_army.gllghrx) I hope you like the edit! Have a nice day!

This edit was made by Rebeca!

I’ve been editing one year with 10 months, I like it because is a way to have a hobbie that maybe you can do when you want, and well you can express like all lot of things on this, and well a little about me is that I enter to the fandom on September 2020, I love pass time with friends, editing, and one of my favorite things of the day is when I enter to the t3 chat and I begin to talk with everyone hehe :)) Well and my account is rebeca.aidanarmy

This edit was made by Abi!

My name is Abi. I followed Aidan since I first saw NRDD a long time ago but during the pandemic I started editing him and now I found a hobbie on that I’m so glad for being part of this fam

This edit was made by Jessica!

Hi, I'm Jessica, I live in Naples.This edit I made for my 1st anniversary in the Patreon family.I want to thank everyone because being there has helped me a lot in the dark moments IG :jessica_jess_lama

This edit was made by Adri!

I have been editing my idols since 2021 and I have realized that it has not only become a hobby but it is not my passion and it is what I want to dedicate myself to in the future, since for me it is an escape route.

These edits were made by Olympe!

Hello, my name is Olympe, I am French, I am 22 years old and here are my edits, ), I started editing not long ago, I would say for

2 months I am so happy to be part of this beautiful family since July 20, 2022 (I arrived the month of my birthday) I celebrate my birthday with the lemon family, it's wonderful to receive so many happy birthdays there. there's even a member of t-3 who made me a drawing and one of my favorite things about the day is when i enter t3 chat and start talking with everyone I edit on Capcut and my IG account is olympe_aidansarmy

This edit was made by Lorena!

heyy I’m Lorena, I stared editing in 2020 for my old account dedicated to harry potter but i stopped in the same year. In 2021 i knew about Aidan and i started again to editing. For make my edits I use Capcut :)) and you can find my edits on instagram and tiktok _aidan_5gallagher. _

This edit was made by Micheel!

I love editing videos because it makes me feel happy. It's a way to express my love for Aidan 💘

This edit was made by Mai!

My name is Maite ( Mai ) I've been editing since 2021 and What I like most about editing is how we can convey our ideas with music and transitions. We can be creative with the songs and the way we edit

My tik tok account is called: m.d.aep

This edit was made by Cris!

Hello! My name is Cristina , I am of Peruvian nationality and I am 19 years old. I've been editing for a few months now and I love it, you can find my edits in my Instagram highlights under the name "Edits" at @cristina_soto_angulo

This edit was made by Ophely!

hi it’s me again ophely but under another account h0rr0r.vs anyways I wish everyone an awesome Halloween hope everyone has fun and this one year of horror editing is not close to be done xoxo

This edit was made by Roit!

hi! my name is Roit and i’ve been editing for 2 years, i edit with After Effects - editing for me is like a small therapy and its something i would love to continue doing you can find my edits @roitfive on tiktok and instagram!

This edit was made by Audrey!

hey!! i’m audrey and i’ve been editing for a while now but i haven’t mustered up enough courage to post them on tiktok or instagram but now im posting stuff on tiktok and im really glad that i am able to share my edits of the people that are quite dear to me with other people:))

This edit was made by Francesca!

My name is Francesca, I edit since 2021, I have fun and I like to edit Aidan a lot and also other characters (Marvel, etc) my Tiktok and Instagram username is @aidanswig_ there you can find my edits since how I started and how I'm getting better

This edit was made by Rain!

hiiii! my name is rain! i’ve been editing since august of 2020! editing is my one of hobbies and i do like it so much! i love editing aidan, tua and my other comfort shows/ celebs. and every day you can learn something about it and improving it!also i met so many editor bestie so im also really happy about it!and editing’s every step it’s so much fun to do and this is your sign to make one edit right now! and my socials are: @aidanrgllghr on youtube @iloveuaidann on tiktok thank u for reading! hope you have a great day! ily!<3

This edit was made by Amanda!

To introduce myself, my name is Amanda I'm 16 years old (my account is amanda.hcaep) and I started editing in May 2021, 2 weeks before entering T3, I started editing in Capcut and honestly my edits were terrible lol , So I learned to use After Effects 2020, which I still use today for my edits, at first it was a little difficult but with the help of friends and videos on the Internet I learned. I started editing because I saw a lot on tiktok and wanted to make my own Aidan and TUA songs with songs that didn't sexualize any of the actors. Nowadays for me, editing is a hobby and here in Brazil, it can become a profession for me. I'm still learning but I have some edits that I liked the most.

This edit was made by Zeynep!

Hello, I'm Zeynep! My social media accounts are called asoue.aidan. You can find me on TikTok and Instagram.

This edit was made by fidxnight!

Hey my name is Ariadna, I started editing this year although I don't do it that often, I just do it for fun. What I like about it is that if I have an idea, I don't have to wait for someone else to make it, I can make it myself! You can find my edits at @fidxnight on TikTok and Instagram!

This edit was made by Sandra!

Hey my name is Sandra, I'm 17 and I'm from Peru. I really enjoy editing, it's like a free therapy for me, at first I created an account without thinking about all the support I would have, I'm very grateful and that really inspires me to continue. I currently edit in Alight Motion. Hope you like them. Ig: shelovesaidan / tik tok: shelovesaidann

This edit was made by Noelia!

Hello my name is Noelia I love to edit and to celebrate Halloween my friend Erika and I made a special collab for this day

Thank you so so much for your submissions and for reading! Hope you found someone to follow💗

Have a great day lemons 🍋

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