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Editor Appreciation!🍋🌸

Welcome to Augusts editor appreciation!! Here you can find talented editors from T3 to support, on both TikTok and Instagram

This edit was made by Mariana!

Hi, my name is Mariana and I'm from Mexico, I started editing since 2020, in this edit I edited the part where Aidan anchored me for the first time, you can find me on tik tok as @wsttmz or on instagram as @cam. igalagher5

This edit was made by Caro!

Hey, My name is caro and I've been editing since 2021. This edit is one of my favorites because I did it for my birthday 'cause I used one of my favorite songs and it's about Aidan :))

So you can find more edits in ig: modsxae

This edit was made by Ariana!

Hi,my name is Ariana,I'm 13.I'm from Russia.I've been editing since 2020, I love editing because it relaxes me, it's my best hobby,this thing gives me pleasure ,I edit in Adobe After Effects 2021. My Instagram:ariigorqwxe:blush:

This edit was made by Cielo!

My name is Cielo, I've edited since 2020. I like editing because I would like people to know what I like, like my favourite series, singers, actors, etc. Also I do it when I have free time.

This edit was of Miraculous: The Movie.

My account name is Bubagoxsz.

This edit was made by Veronica!

Hi my name is Veronica! I’ve edited since 2019! I like editing because it really makes me happy - I enjoy the process and the result! My TikTok account name is "edt.ver"! 🍋

Thank you for reading and watching! Hope you found someone to follow <3

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