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Editor Appreciation! 🍋

On this page you can find wonderful editors to support! I've put a link in the account names so clicking them should take you right to their pages! spread some love <3


This edit was made by kisses4aidan !

ive been editing for 2 years. i love editing a lot because i get to share my love of my idols and favourite shows and learning how to use programs like after effects, I post them on tiktok and instagram at @kisses4aidan


This edit was made by amelxedits !

Hiii, so first my name is Amel im French I’m 15 and this is my edits, I do transitions and velocity with after effects and vidéo star, since 2 years (2020), make edits it’s like a therapy for me I just love editing <3 I also love drawing and sport and I’m so happy to be part of this beautiful family


This edit was made by amanda.hcaep !

my name is Amanda I'm 16 years old (my account is amanda.hcaep) and I started editing in May 2021, 2 weeks before entering T3, I started editing in Capcut and honestly my edits were terrible lol , So I learned to use After Effects 2020, which I still use today for my edits, at first it was a little difficult but with the help of friends and videos on the Internet I learned. I started editing because I saw a lot on tiktok and wanted to make my own Aidan and TUA songs with songs that didn't sexualize any of the actors. Nowadays for me, editing is a hobby and here in Brazil, it can become a profession for me. I'm still learning but I have some edits that I liked the most.


This edit was made by _edits_aidan_4 !

Hello my name is Adriana :D, I've been editing for 1 year and something, what I like most about editing is: editing Aidan or encanto and having a good time editing :), one thing about me: I'm shy but if you come to talk to me I'm more open


This edit was made by umbrella_acdemy !

my acc is @umbrella_acdemy and I’m editing since January 2021 - My TUA phase began when I’ve seen a TikTok of Five, I recognized him from NRDD, so I started watching the TUA show and got so much into it that I wanted to support the series as much as I can I just learned editing as a support for aidansarmy and somehow I improved every day. I have days where I struggle or loose motivation but then I remind myself why and what I’m editing for which is why I didn’t give up! When I started editing I never thought that I would get so many friends through this fandom and also getting a part of this family and I’m also incredibly grateful for how many people started to support me :)) My main goal through my editing progress is to get other people into the lemon family and help them to improve their goals for this fandom. It is the best choice I have ever made and I hope I’m able to continue bringing people together around the world and helping them to make new friendships for a lifetime!


This edit was made by cristina !

I started editing last year but I still don't have my own account dedicated to them, maybe I'll create one soon, that would be really nice. As for me, I like to do a little of everything and I love learning something new, it's fun for me. I love nature, if I go on a trip my best ally is a camera because I am a fan of taking pictures of the sky, I love it, I love the rain and the delicacy of flowers. I like to appreciate the beauty of life stored in the simplest things.


This edit was made by ff_aidansarmy !

My name is Francisca, I'm 14 years old and I live in Chile, I've been in the fandom for two years and I'm grateful to be able to live with people of T3


This edit was made by aidy.stark !

My name is Allisa. I made my Instagram account 1 year ago but I've been editing longer I don't have the account but I think 2/3 years,I like to edit and draw about UA and Marvel,I edit in Capcut and my IG account is [Aidy.stark]


This edit was made by aidansarmyru !

I’ve been doing edits since 2019, and I really like it, I would say it to bring pleasure and turns into a little work for the soul. To make edits for me is to enjoy freedom and unload my head from a large number of creative ideas


This edit was made by rebeca.aidanarmy !

I’ve been editing one year with nine months, I like it bc is a way to have a hobbie that maybe you can do when you want it and you can express like some things in this, and well a little about me is that I enter to the fandom on September 2020, I love pass time with friends, editing, and one of my favorite things of the day is when I enter to the t3 chat and I begin to talk with everyone hehe :))


This edit was made by !

hi peeps my name is alondra ( i like to go by alo) , i been editing since 2020. it first started as just editting small clips for my youtube channel & i ended up editing characters/people i like and turned into expressing my feeling , in which is my favorite part about editing .expressing yourself without having to say any words . a little about myself is i like making people happy , either it’s through creating content , facetiming friends ,spoiling my sisters , anything really. i just like making people smile and laugh and that’s my main goal in life . to make people feel like they are loved and cared for . to make them happy ,smile and laugh . LOVE YOU ALL < 3


This edit was made by m.d.aep !

I've been editing for almost two years and what I like most about editing is feeling the emotions according to the moment you edit and the song

the name of account is: m.d.aep


This edit was made by lisa_aidansarmy !

I started editing by myself around March /April and i’m still really a beginner, but I'm trying to improve as much as possible. I started editing mainly for fun and to express creativity:)

on tiktok (@lisa_aidansarmy)


This edit was made by jollyn2n2 !

my name is Jollyn and i've been editing since 1 year ago, so its the edits aren't that great . im from singapore, luv anime, gaming and is in multiple fandom. i see editin as a way to show appreciation to my friends, shows, fandom and even my friends pets. this is an edit i made for gif squad not long ago. not my latest 1 but 1 i was happy to make for us


This edit was made by luisahgrvs !

I am an editor, I edit since 2020 in AM and my instagram and tiktok user is: luisahgrvs


This edit was made by vxlesk5 !

Hi, I’m Ophely and I’ve been an editor for over 4 years. I started editing aidan in early 2020 and never stopped since!!


This edit was made by rain !

i’m editing stuff like more than 2 years now, i love everything about editing, i think it’s so much fun and always love editing people that i love, haha.


This edit was made by sara_lg05 !

it's been 2 years since I started editing so... If you want to see some more they're on my tiktok account "Sara_lg05"


This edit was made by da.vsp !

I’m Danna and i’ve been editing since August of 2020 on instagram and tiktok, what i love about editing is that the talent and creativity someone has and is able to show about shows/movies and it’s my way of showing love for TUA & Aidan, Editing is something i love doing and seeing other editors creativity, here are some edits<3


This edit was made by clau.aidansarmymx !

I'm an editor since 1 year ago, i love doing all type of edits and i do it of many famous people but since some months ago i'm more focus in do it only of Aidan


This edit was made by shelovesaidan !

Hey my name is Sandra, I'm 17 and I'm from Peru. I really enjoy editing, it's like a free therapy for me, I like to do it when I don't feel pressured. Since I created my first fan account in 2021 I started editing more often and creating content on ig and tik tok. I currently edit in Alight Motion. Hope you like them.

Ig: shelovesaidan / tik tok: shelovesaidann


This edit was made by jessica_jess_lama !

My name is Jessica,im from Naples.I started editing videos for school projects, haven't been doing it for long, I'm not very good but I like it.People can find my edits on my personal Instagram page or on the fandom page which we opened with my Italian friends who are part of the Patreon

jessica_jess_lama is personal Ig italian_aidansarmy is our fandom Ig


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