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Do it yourself!

At T3 we have very talented people! From singers, dancers, athletes, editors and much more! On this occasion, we give space for our incredible T3 girls to share their skills in different areas of DIY style!

Gab - Ig: @SgGabs27

About three months ago a very close friend returned from his exchange in Spain, while there he began dating a girl who had traveled around the world and she taught him how to prepare different drinks based on tea and coffee, since they he came back I have spent a lot of time with him and learned many new techniques to make these drinks at home without spending a lot of money and using 100% natural ingredients

The instruments we use the most is a small teapot with an infuser, a mixer to crush ice, many different glasses, reusable straws

The technique that we use the most is to prepare some natural tea in the infuser and then freeze and crush it. Once crushed, we add some spices such as cinnamon, cumin and sometimes we add oat, coconut or almond milk, depending on the type of drink.

Yuyu - Ig: @yuuviita

What is it that inspires me?

There are a ton of things that might inspire someone, the possibilities are endless. But, I’m answering this question in my favor.

So, what is it that inspires me?


Potential is the capacity of being or becoming, another word that could be used instead of “potential” is “possibility”.

Potential inspires me in different ways, the possibility of a poor man becoming rich and someone solving world issues. The possibility of many things changing and becoming better or worse. Growing up, I wanted to become millions of things (exaggerating the millions.) I wanted to be an astronaut, a police officer, a spy, an artist, a director, a writer, and a hero. All of those things I still like. The fact is that the potential I have to achieve anything I need and want at this moment is an excellent thought no matter the situation I am in. I could be at a disadvantage but I have the potential to overcome it. When I look at actors, writers, and artists, I get inspired by the creations they were able to make simply by existing.

Now, not all of someone’s potential might end up how they wished it could be, but potential is free to all matters of life and someone who believes in themselves will not let their potential go to waste. The people who really put their mind and life into an idea, are most likely to achieve their potential goal with their project. Everyone could do or create anything amazing, spectacular, and beautiful.

Rebecca - Ig: @rebe_olivarez

I made a drawing made by hand, with pencil.

The process of my drawing that I did, is to make a mansion or let's say with a mansion from the outside what the house looks like, with a roof, with a balcony, the parts of the windows, doors, stairs, the shadows of the wood that covers in the sun, then add mountains, some trees. Let it be seen that this house is located in a forest and I drew all this by hand with special pencils for drawing.

Lis - Ig: @lis.mgg

So i start with an idea on my mind to do something on my own, and in the begging i was creating pillows. Now i decide to get something more and i’m creating some t-shirt, i’m currently working on new design to share

I still don’t have an account for this, but i post everything on my actual IG account

Usually i use ibis paint for creating the design, and for now I rely on third party sites to create the prints. But I hope one day I can do it all by myself!

You already know our talented girls from T3! Tell us in the comments if you have any talent to share, leave us your social networks so we can get to know you and support you!

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