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December's Featured T3 Patreon Members!

Meet some of our festive T3 members that were with us for the month of December! Spending the holidays and New Year with each other was a highlight of the month! Scroll down to see some festive selfies by our lovely family <3


Aidan's Army Andorra

"Why do I love this family? Well, it's very simple, because the people are very friendly, you meet very talented people, you make new friends, you meet incredible people and they always support you in everything. And I love this Fam"


Aidan's Army Argentina

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!!! 2022 was very magical, with good and bad moments. The best of all was joining the great T3 family and making many friends who I love very much. The Lemon Family is the best in the world, and Aidan and the Mods are amazing. I couldn't be more grateful to be part of this fandom that welcomed me with open arms, I really enjoy being here, every moment is incredible! I wish you happy holidays♡... I love you all!!!"

Aidan's Army Australia

Aidan's Army Brazil

Aidan's Army Costa Rica

Aidan's Army El Salvador

Aidan's Army England

Aidan's Army France

Aidan's Army Guatemala

Aidan's Army India

Aidan's Army Italy

Aidan's Army Lithuania

Aidan's Army Mexico

"Being aidan’s army is the best thing on the planet <3 It's having a family all over the world and making friends that will be forever a place where you have a great time and you know you have a friend to help you in whatever

Being part of this fandom is the best!"


Aidan's Army Peru

Aidan's Army Philippines

Aidan's Army Poland

Aidan's Army Russia

Aidan's Army Spain

Aidan's Army Ukraine

Aidan's Army United States

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