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December FanArt 🎄🎅

Updated: Jan 31

Artworks of talented T3 Members!

— „So, i had watched Wednesday, and then found some Aidan's photos with his drew eyes. After this we talked about these photos with some guys from T-3 chat and I came up with an idea to mix Aidan and Wednesday, to make like «Aidan R Addams» and members of T-3 liked it, so I made this portrait. I use just a simple pencils for this artwork. Each of Aidan's photo inspires me a lot, I like this feeling when I can to bring a portrait to life. Whenever I see this artwork again and again in my sketchbook, it seems like he is real, just in front of me and looking in my eyes, i like to realise that this is made by myself.“ Katharine, UA

— „Well, my name is Julie, I'm from CR and I made this drawing in honor of my friends that I met in t3. We created a separate server, and I really wanted to give them a gift for the anniversary of the server and for being united. I used another phone, which has a pencil included, but the digital drawing doesn't have to be with a pencil. There in the application that I used is called "Sketchbook", there r different pencils or shapes to draw, but the 2 that I use the most are "technical pen" and "colorless soft brush".“ Julie, CR

— „I am a drawer, I really like drawing, as well as painting, the main inspiration for all this is given to me according to what I feel, I try to capture my emotions, and in this case my main emotion was love, something that I do not express much , I decided to put my mind to all the good things that have happened to me while drawing, and I ended up getting a beautiful drawing of Aidan. Chris, EC

— „Well, what inspired me were those beautiful photos of Aidan that I liked, I used a cell phone pen to draw it and used the "color”. Lex, CO

— „So here’s my art for the magazine of December ! I don’t have anything specific to say about my drawing except : I love digital art !! Art is my favorite thing to do !! Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone !

My art ig is : yourlocalcapricorn_

Léa, FR

— „This is my family, our family, and that means that I will never leave it, it all started with an idea to get two girls together and make them friends, but in the end we formed a big family.“


— „With the theme of Christmas, I use one of Aidan’s Patreon photos and used various overlays with the software I used on my iPad to create a different piece. With a Christmas inspired night sky with stars, creating the shape of Santa Claus and his reindeers. I deliberately chose to keep the ship and the mountain behind Aidan to add interest and honour the location that is Seattle. Thou I can’t use my main medium of creativity of photography, to help create the fan art I do I’ll mention what cameras I use to enjoy my hobby. I do have several cameras that I collected over the years. I have two mirrorsless cameras, one (bought in 2018) a Fujifilm X-T100 and converted it into an infrared camera last year. My second is my Fujifilm X-T3. I recently bought an old Canon 7 Rangefinder film camera that was made between 1960 to 1964. Here’s another submission. Some people really like this and suggest I submit it as well. I love the angles of each image (panel). As well as only showing one of each eye and then his whole face. It makes a more interesting collage.“

Anna, CA

— „As I looked forward to season three , I remembered those scenes of five and the goal of finding a briefcase and everything he did to take one , to save his brothers from the apocalypse,( he could have made a coffee) but I am satisfied with the result.“ Coral, MXUS

— „My name is Elikya, I started drawing during the confinement. My mom send me to my stepdad’s office and she wanted me to work but I didn’t want to so I just started copying manga pictures that I had on my phone on a paper and that how I started to draw. I also play music. I play the piano, the violin, the drums and I started learning guitar by my self. And I also sing in a choral sins my 6 years old. And in case you liked my drawings I have an instagram account with all of my drawings. My account name is my_drawings_me_and_lemons . That’s all for me.“ Elikya, BE

— „I had in my mind the necessity of drawing this type of paintings like royalty. I thought about doing one about Aidan. When I told the idea on the Tier 3 chat, it surprised me when Aidan asked me to do a version of him with a robust moustache. The next day I immediately started drawing and painting. Here are the results of this project that Aidan encouraged and inspired me to do.“ Nerea, ES

— „Hello, my name is Olympe, I am French, I am 22 years old. I loved doing this fan art because for me Aidan represents the future of this world (I have a lot of imagination to create fan art I use Picsart applications, then Photoshop) when I create fan art I listen to relaxing music it helps to inspire me. IG :olympe_aidansarmy / IG lemon.aidansarmy.squads“ Olympe, FR

— „Hii just wanted to send my christmas drawing for the magazine!!

what inspired me is that it’s almost christmas so i thought i would experiment with some colour markers.“ Chloe, GB

— „I made these drawings with my cell phone. It takes me about an hour and a half to do each one for the details of the clothes, and it is a little difficult to see the lines and make each layer of the drawing. I hope all the people who see these drawings like them! I don't have a 100% drawing account but sometimes I upload them to my Instagram edits account, you can find me as @edits_aidang“ Micheel, MX

— „I have always wanted to make these drawings, I tried but at first it was difficult but I did not give up, with a lot of practice and patience I did it, I really liked the result of how these two drawings turned out, I love drawing in my free time, many come to me ideas of how the drawing could be, it took me a while to align the edges, fill in and try not to come out, and receive the shape so that it would look good in the Photo and add several layers so as not to stain it by mistake, with a lot of concentration and Patience It turned out the way I wanted and that makes me feel very happy.“ Sonia, SV

— „I really enjoy the work he did in video editing and illustration, I see it as something to relax and create art and videos inspired by people I appreciate and admire very much, in this case most of my videos are inspired by Aidan, my illustrations are also inspired by him and in animals, people, and some objects.“ Alli, CR

— „This is 5 being convinced to play santa for his neice and nephew. (Aka lila/deigos kid and Claire) I just thought that it was a cute idea because 5 is such a grinch but he loves his family so much. So he will compromise his pride to make them happy.“ Berlin, US IL

— „Well, my describtion in the draw or picture is me. Drinking with my hot coffee, reading the book and I see my beautiful Christmas Tree in my house.Rebecca, MX

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, lemons!

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