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Beauty Tips 💄✨

Tips to take care of yourself and the planet

Welcome to the Beauty section, where we will share the best tips for personal care, from our lemons. So get your notebook ready because here are the best skin care routines and product recommendations that take care of you and the planet.

By Nastya

And so, here you can see the products that I use in my daily care. These cosmetics are completely natural, some products are vegan, so they can suit all skin types. I have a normal skin type, slightly sensitive, sometimes prone to dryness.

1. The first product is Pro Lab Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser from the Korean company Dr. Althea. This company produces cosmetics for all skin types, with a large number of products for the sensitive type, and their cosmetics, including this foam, are completely natural, have a pleasant minimalist design . Foam for washing is very gentle, cleanses well and does not injure the skin, carefully takes care of it. I have been using this product for about 2 years. 10/10

2. Next up, Isntree's vegan and cuerlty-free green tea toner is perfect for tight, tired skin. The toner has a pleasant cosmetic fragrance, moisturizes, evens out the tone, tones the skin very well, helps to balance the secretion of sebum, has a slightly brightening effect. It also works well with acne thanks to centella extracts. I have also been using this product for 2-2.5 years. 10/10

3. The next remedy is a serum from a Russian company from Novosibirsk (the city where I am from) “Koltsovo” , the brand

name is “Microlysis”. This is also a natural cosmetics that doesn’t test their products on animals (like everything in this collection). I have just started using this serum, so I can’t give a correct comment yet, but I’ll note a pleasant application, no stickiness and a calming effect, but a rather specific smell of a spruce tree. Also, the product that I used earlier, Perfect ampule serum Barrier from the 9 wishes brand is a good serum for dry and sensitive skin, restores water balance, strengthens the protective barrier, soothes. I bought it once, a good serum, but did not give a wow effect. 6/10

4. And the final item of my skin care is this Heimish moisturizer with watermelon extract. The cream is very light and pleasant, doesn’t leave behind a “film” on the face or stickiness, perfectly moisturizes the skin and soothes it. I buy it 2 times, and liked it so much! 10/10

- LISA -

I am a skincare lover and i have very dry skin. This is my perfect combo to moisturize. The tonic is from revolution, a famous make-up brand and the rest is from Skin labo - an Italian company. All products are completely vegan and cruelty free!

The order in which I use them is:

  • tonic, which helps me to restore the ph of the skin after washing it

  • serum in combo with thermal water spray (which I don't have at the moment because I've finished it)

  • eye cream, which helps me deflate dark circles and prevent burning due to too much dryness

  • face cream that I also apply on my neck.


This range is 100% vegan and natural, it works well and is good value for money.

- CLAU -

Vegan friendly makeup products

For the part of my makeup i use vegan products of NYX cosmetics, they have a part where you can find this products, you can find since lipstick vegan to makeup, and the cost is not to much, i really recommended this products cause the quality is awesome and the makeup see natural💚


With these daily personal care tips we finish this month's beauty tips section. See you next edition!

Tips by Sonia

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