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April's Featured T-3 Patreon Members!

Meet some of our lovely April members! This month we talked about everything from Earth Day to spring finally starting! Scroll to see our lovely April family <3

Aidan's Army Andorra

Aidan's Army Argentina

Aidan's Army Australia

Aidan's Army Brazil

Aidan's Army El Salvador

Aidan's Army England

Aidan's Army France

Aidan's Army India

Aidan's Army Italy

Aidan's Army Lithuania

Aidan's Army Mexico

"What Aidan's army means to me is something difficult to say. For me it's my second place, I feel like it's my family that I can live with. I can talk about whatever I want with them, it is a very nice place with super cool and affectionate people who know how to understand you and you really create a new friendship, always a place where you are free to express yourself when you are in a bad way, you know that they will support you and they will never leave you alone. I'm proud that being an army of Aidan is a family for me. And before I didn't think that you could be friends at a distance and having different languages you thought it was something difficult but the truth is that not having friends at a distance and with different languages is something super interesting and you know how beautiful a true friendship"


Aidan's Army Peru

Aidan's Army Poland

Aidan's Army Russia

Aidan's Army Ukraine

Aidan's Army U.S.A

"Lindsey USA, I'm 23. My Instagrams: notfork (personal account) lyric_girl513 (Aidan’s army and music account) access_info_ok (disability advocacy and information account) I would also like to personally at my YouTube channel, which is Makeup and Mobility (disability advocacy and makeup)"

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