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Amazing Cosplayer

Hi guys, the title of the post speaks for itself, lol. I admire people who can transform into another person or character, it's just AMAZING ✨


Rebecca @LittleLionheart

Number Five in PJs from Season 1 of the Umbrella Academy ☂️

I machine sewed the PJs with the use of a pattern that I modified and hand embroidered the umbrella on the shirt. The flask and cup are screen accurate props and I filled the coffee cup with resin to simulate real coffee but without the mess of spilling it. I also covered a pair of slippers with the exact pattern in flannel material to match

Marissa @marissabellone

This is for the cosplay section, I’m dressed up as Number Five Hargreeeves from the umbrella academy. This was for the event of New York Comic con 2022

Olympe @olympe_aidansarmy

I have been cosplaying for a little over a year (I present to you my cosplay of yumeko jabami anime character from the series (Kakegurui)♥️

My passion for cosplay helps me fight my shyness I hope to be able to participate in cosplay events in conventions

Cathy @Sunstar.hero

I chose to show my Lady bug cosplay for the magazine, I finished it a few weeks ago. I face to do a shooting this year if my black cat will not be busy. When you hear Miraculous you think directly to Paris and as I'm from France, I thought it was nice to make the connection.


you are so talented!!!

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