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Traveling with Aidan's Army🌎✈️

Who likes to travel? I love it! 🫶🏼

Traveling is the opportunity to discover new places, stories, people, learn about the culture of each territory that one visits. For the same reason, know that the T3 family is characterized by being multicultural, since its members are from different parts of the world!

So, prepare your suitcase and passport, we're going on a trip!


The Capitole square, heart of the city of Toulouse (France 🇨🇵)

Cathy - @sunstar.hero

The Capitole building is the city hall of Toulouse. Municipal seat of the city for several centuries, the building is recognizable by its pink stone walls. Inside, you can admire many paintings retracing the history of the city, especially in the Salle des Illustres. The Capitole is also home to the Toulouse Opera, which puts on shows all year round. The Capitole square is surrounded by restaurants and shops, which makes it one of the main places of life in Toulouse.

Montpellier (France 🇨🇵)

Amel - @amelznn

Hi! My name is Amel and I love traveling, and I took this picture in Montpellier a city in the south of France. This city is absolutely amazing and it’s usually really active at night, There is also a beach where you can see the magnificent sunsets 🫶🏼

Flor del Rio (El Salvador 🇸🇻)

Sonia - @e_aidansarmyyy

This is like an ideal place to spend a great quiet day with a cool climate and atmosphere, they make it a place to escape the heat and cool off in a healthy and fun environment with swimming pools, a field to play soccer and places to enjoy with your loved ones and eat delicious sandwiches to live and relax We are located in Cantón Hualama, Lotificacion la Pista, 1km from the Main Street of Chapeltique, San Miguel, El Salvador.

I recommend it because I have already been there with my family and it is very nice and relaxing, the attention is very good and it is a very healthy and careful place, the pools have very nice attractions, for example slides, fish, very cute decorations, warm, cold and hot water, small houses in the middle of the water to play, etc. We spent a whole day there and it feels very good I love it very much and there are many restaurants to eat there, that place has many years and with most of the time it becomes more beautiful and pleasant, I recommend it 100% I love them! ❤️

Copacabana (Bolivia 🇧🇴)

Denisse - @imjst.denisse and Xime - @xime_orellana

A beautiful tourist place called Copacabana that's located in the city of La Paz-Bolivia we can find beautiful sunsets and appreciate the lake.

Copacabana is a small tourist town and a municipality in Bolivia and one of the main riverside towns of Lake Titicaca. There you can find tranquility on the shores of the lake, in addition to taking a walk through its streets full of characteristic handicrafts, visiting the different islands, the characteristic church and listening to stories that tell you about the culture that is established there. Without a doubt, a nice little place that you will find welcoming both for its people and for its beautiful landscape.

Furteventura (Morocco 🇲🇦)

Layla - @layla_weston

Furteventura is a small volcanic island of the coast of morocco, part of the canary islands . Its got beautiful beaches , perfect winter sun and I even saw whales . The beaches are perfect for long walks listening to music and the sea had great waves so very fun for swimming 🙂

Mexico City 🇲🇽

Rebecca - @rebe_olivarez

Mexico City has many places to visit and this time I will recommend two: The photo I took is the Monument of the Revolution, where it is located in the CDMX in the center of the city and the Latin America tower, which is also one of the best-known places in CDMX where all foreigners go to see the views of the landscapes.

The Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden - Brazil 🇧🇷)

Júlia - @mirandajuliabonfim

The Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden ) – inaugurated on October 5, 1991 – includes 178,000 m² of green area and a lot of history. The site offers as highlights – in addition to the greenhouse

The main highlight of the Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden) is the greenhouse. In an art-nouveau style and inspired by the Crystal Palace in London, the place is open to the public and houses a series of species from the Atlantic forest, such as caetê and heart of palm. Inside there is a statue in honor of World Habitat Day. The area is also popular with photographers and offers a beautiful view of the Botanical's French-style garden.

this place is located in Curitiba/ Paraná - brazil

Palace of Fine Arts (Mexico 🇲🇽)

Mairbi - @mairbisnothere

The main house of the arts in our country is the Palacio de Bellas Artes. This precinct has hosted presentations of the most important artists in the world, as well as exhibitions of renowned artists.

Historic Center of Puebla (Mexico 🇲🇽)

Dani - @daniixts

Historic center of Puebla is the heart of the city that has history and culture in every single corner, form the cathedral, passing for the museum, to the Palafoxian library, and of course our famous and traditional gastronomy.

King Penguin Nature Reserve (Chile 🇨🇱)

Francesca - @fran_aidansarmycl

The King Penguin Nature Reserve is located at km 14.5 of route Y-85, Bahía Inútil sector, Tierra del Fuego, Chile. This conservation area comprises 36 ha. with public use area and 60 ha. of mitigation area. This private conservation initiative promotes the conservation and protection of both the king penguin and the richness of vegetation, other fauna, and archaeological sites in Bahía Inútil, accommodating a conservation project based on three fundamental pillars: Research, Education, and Ecotourism. Concepts that build the guidelines to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Tierra del Fuego.


What did you think of the places?

Did you like them?

Did you know them?

Is there somewhere you would like us to visit?

So I invite you to share us in the comments, as well as on the interactive map, uploading your video invite us to visit a place in your country!

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