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A decent cup of coffee☕🧛 October edition.

Finding the best coffee around the world

A new edition has arrived and to find a good coffee we had to travel to Naples, the third largest city in Italy.🚀

Take your cup and join me! ☕


Espresso coffee is a type of coffee, the most consumed and known in Italy. Obtained from the roasting and grinding of the seeds of Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta, it is prepared by machine according to a process of percolation under high pressure of hot water.

Normally, to obtain a good bar espresso, the coffee grinder must be equipped with a helical centrifugal grinder, the only one suitable for crushing the beans into fine granules with uniform size; the degree of fineness of the grind must be chosen based on the characteristics of the machine, the mixture and the environmental conditions of humidity and temperature.

You can enjoy this expresso in Naples, a dazzling city located on the southeast coast of the Italian peninsula founded in the Bronze Age. Its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO,

Near this Naples, in October a traditional festival is celebrated in Roccamonfina which officially becomes part of the "Guinness World Record" in 2018 thanks to the largest vrollaro in the world for cooking chestnuts.

Today Roccamonfina is a charming town with an environment that has not sacrificed anything to modernity: centuries-old chestnut forests that are still cared for with ancient and exhausting techniques, but respectful of nature; waters of indisputable curative value; rhythms of life that reconcile mind, body and soul; a welcoming, simple humanity that has an ancient flavor, but that does not deny the advantages of modernity without being conditioned by it.

Roccamonfina Chestnut and Porcini Mushroom Festival is a traditional event that marks the beginning of the autumn season. During the party you can taste the excellence of the territory with mushrooms, chestnuts and an excellent wine and of course also a delicious coffee.

Photos, video and tex: Jessica

See you in the next cup of coffee


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