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A decent cup of coffee ☕

New year, new fear?

Continuing our journey to find the best coffee in the world, we'll make a stop at Horror Vibes Coffee in Los Angeles, where ordering a drink can be a horror movie adventure.

Take your cup and join me! ☕


Tim Burton once said "For some of us, Halloween is every day", and for those some of us, this is the perfect little coffee joint. To know me is to know I have a passion for the spooky and horror.

Therefore from the moment I spotted this walking down the streets of North Hollywood, I knew I had to set foot and I am glad I did. For one, considering it is a place for horror, the atmosphere was warm, fun, the staff were sweet and the coffee certainly didn't disapoint either. It was a standard coffee shop that served any standard drinks you get at a coffee shop, but what makes this place are its signature and seasonal drinks named after movie characters.

They had specialty drinks such as Beetlegeuse latte, Liquid blow to name a few and what I had was a seasonal drink called Sally's Nightmare which was a hot white mocha. I do not normally do mocha drinks in a coffee place, I am generally more of a cold brew person, but this drink was delicious. I had enough sweetness, but without going over the top. I went on later to try a drink called Jack's Nightmare which was also just as delicious which was a regular hot mocha which I HAD to being the biggest Nightmare before Christmas fanatic I know. That being said, along with being a fun place for horror lovers, I would say this is also a pretty decent place for a cup of coffee.

Text and photos by Katrina

See you in the next cup of coffee


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