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A decent cup of coffee ☕

Finding the best coffee around the world | Mexico edition 🇲🇽

Continuing our journey around the world looking for the best coffee, today we arrive in Mexico, the land of mariachi, folklore, ancestral gastronomy and of course one of the best coffees in the world.

Take your cup and join me! ☕✈️

Coffee Mexican Passport

Leaving the metro copilco, in a hidden cafeteria called "cooperativa cafeina" you can buy a coffee passport.

This is a collaborative work with several coffee shops around the city where they sell Mexican coffee. As you turn the pages you can find the logo of the participating cafeterias followed by their address.

Once purchased, all you have to do is propose to visit them all until your passport is completely full. It is a nice activity to get to know the flavours of Mexico City through its different ways of preparing coffee.

If you are a coffee lover this is something you cannot miss.

Al grano café

Al grano café is a small cafeteria at the foot of university city on CDMX; where you can go to hang out with your friends, study, play, read or just to relax after a hard school day.

The attention is so friendly and personal. About the prices, they are really good; since it is not expensive and they have a great variety of hot and cold drinks as well as food.

The place is a little bit small, but it’s so pretty and comfortable, so if you go to University City near Copilco you have to visit it at least once.

By. Abi R Gomz | Mexico

IG: abi_r_gomz

See you in the next cup of coffee


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