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Fashion of Tier 3

Welcome to a brand new year Lemons! I hope that 2022 treated you well but its time to see what 2023 has in store for us! and by that I of course mean the brand new fashion that I am here to bring you from our WONDERFUL members! Thank you to everyone who sent in their fit checks for the first month of 2023!
Lets welcome the new year with STYLE! 



Sonia from El Salvador kicks off the new year with a smile, an adorable looking swing! and a comfortable sporty type style! love it!

"I really love my outfit because it's for all kinds of special occasions, whether it's outings with family or friends, also for any kind of parties oh games, it's very comfortable and very special for me . . I also pair it with a small high ponytail. I like the hairstyle because it is simple and very comfortable."

Shirt: Croft8Cbarrow

Trousers: Clockhouse

Trainers: Nike


Allisa from Costa Rica dazzles us with a very cozy looking style! I love that jumper!

"I really like the outfit because it is comfortable and special for cold days"

glasses and Jumper: H&M

Pants: Bershka 

Shoes: Converse 


A very beautiful submission sent in by MB from India! She shares with us a traditional outfit and it is wonderful!

"The lehenga, lehnga or langa (also known as a ghagra or gagra, chaniya, pavadai, or lacha) is a form of ankle-length skirt from the Indian subcontinent. Different patterns and styles of traditional embroidery are used to decorate the aiushi mazumder. Gota patti embroidery is often used for festivals and weddings. The lehenga is sometimes worn as the lower portion of a gagra choli or langa voni. Ghagra in Hindi (also Ghagro in Konknni), was also used to refer to the half slip or petticoat, a skirt worn as an undergarment below the sari."


Nastya from Ukraine showing off her beautifully elegant style! That dress is stunning!

"I like this outfit cause I think it is look pretty good and I just love this style"

Dress: The Sinsay

Heels: Zara


Lorena from Mexico with an insanely cool fashion eye! I love this fit! and the sunglasses bring it all together perfectly!

jacket: h&m 

shirt and jeans: pull and bear 

sunglasses: shein 

shoes: converse


This outfit sent in by Olympe from France looks incredibly comfortable and I adore that jumper! The pattern on it is so beautiful! I seriously want that its lovely!

"One of my favorite outfits at home (especially the sweater that I adore SO MUCH"

Dragon pattern sweater: Don't call me Jennyfer (D.C.M)

Printed trousers: Kookaï

Black leather high-top shoe: kiabi brest


I love the casual/sporty style of this outfit! and Layla from the UK shows it off brilliantly!

"I love this outfit because it’s comfortable (but every time i wear the cargos i feel like john mayer on the heavier things album"


Top: H&M


Shoes :Nike air jordans


I absolutely LOVE flannel jackets so this outfit is so cool to me! thank you for sending in your fit check Cath from France!

"It's a casual outfit that I like to wear and the black top that I wear written "I want to believe" means not to give up on my dreams. Stay positive throughout the day"

Top: Pimkie

Jacket: Jennyfer

Pants: Kiabi


Lisa from Italy is not only sporting a very beautiful outfit but is also showing us her incredible photography skills! This picture is absolutely beautiful! 

Pants & Shirt: Zara

Top: Shein


What a stunning photograph sent in by Jane from Italy! It is such an adorable dress and the posing and colours remind me of a beautiful ballerina! wonderful.

"I love this outfit, because it is elegant, comfortable and defines my shape well"

Dress: tally weijl


Sof from Mexico showing her Fan spirit with her awesome Five shirt! Love this outfit.

Pants & Jacket: H&M

Shirt: Amazon


The wonderful Nastya from Russia Looking absolutely beautiful in this stunning elegant outfit! each accessory ties the fit together perfectly! Love this one!

"I love it, bc this outfit looks very elegant, and at the same time it has a special  charm. Pearls add cuteness to the look, and black high-soled boots emphasize the contrast with elegant accessories. And, idk why, but this dress evokes the image of Juliet in me, as if it takes me into the atmosphere of grace and sophistication of that time"

Dress: Lichi

Handbag: Shein

Boots: Stradivarius


Rebecca from Mexico always has such amazing style!I adore this outfit it is very smart and eye catching for sure! 

Shirt: H&M

Pants: Gucci

Shoes: Puma

Thank you to everyone who submitted their fit checks! You all have an incredible fashion eye! 

Happy 2023 lovelies! See you next month!

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